10 Amazing Social Campaigns You Should Check Out

Savion Ray
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These past few years have generated some very impactful social campaigns. And while we have dozens of honourable mentions, here is our top 10.

All of the campaigns created a great deal of visibility and won prestigious awards for creativity and effectiveness. This listing is by choice of our creative experts.

10. Alzheimer’s News Editors

Country: Macedonia

Client: National Neurological Institute

Agency: Publicis Skopje

9. Bentley Burial

Country: Brazil

Client: Brazilian Association of Organ Transplant

Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made São Paulo

8. A Hair-Raising Message

Country: Sweden

Client: Barncancerfonden

Agency: Garbergs Stockholm

7. The Social Swipe

Country: Germany

Client: Bischofliches Hilfswerk Misereor

Agency: Kolle Rebbe Hamburg

6. Sweetie

Country: The Netherlands

Client: Terre des Hommes

Agency: Lemz Amsterdam

5. Don’t Google It

Country: Belgium

Client: Flemish Government, Gezondheidenwetenschap.be

Agency: DDB Brussels

4. Don’t Google It

Country: United Kingdom

Client: The Pilon Trust

Agency: Publicis London

3. Uncensored Articles – Made in China

Country: Belgium

Client: HUMO Magazine

Agency: mortierbrigade

2. The Greatest Story

Country: Sweden

Client: UNICEF

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg

1. The RGB News

Country: Romania

Client: Antena 1

Agency: Geometry Global Bucharest