10 Benefits of Magento 2 for eCommerce

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Magento 2 is an advanced and high rated eCommerce platform to set up your own e-shop.

Magento 2 is the best platform to set up your e-storefront.


Here are some benefits of Magento to explain why it is the best one for ecommerce:


Able to Scale & Improve Sales

Magento 2 has way more advanced features that you have seen in its first version. You can have an advanced indexer, which ensures quicker indexing in the search engines and getting leads. It updates data of your catalogue, users, price and store regularly to speed up visibility of your online storefront.

Its integration with Varnish Cache, which is the topmost HTTP accelerator technology, captures full page caching for e-store so that the web page loading would be lightening fast. Even, it measures the speed. If it’s sluggish or does not load in three seconds, you can look into it. Its HTTP request would become faster and e-shopping experience would be happier for your customers.

For you, it’s a big gain. You can catch up with more of leads, which multiply your revenue.


Boost Upselling & Cross-Selling

The enhanced, speedy and glitch free web journey encourages customers to explore your e-store, which makes you closer to leads and conversions. Upon analyzing customers’ insight, you can prepare strategy for upselling and cross-selling. The added stock value, price countdowns and free gifts or coupons can help in winning your brand purpose.

It offers the ability to display ads on the checkout pages, which multiply the prospect of conversion and reduce cart abandonment. The media integration is also there to attract customers for buying.


Upload Massive Catalogue

It’s hard to have an eCommerce store that can display 5 lakh products smoothly. Moreover, you can process a large sum of orders at the same time effectively. Large inventory handling and payment gateways are also inclusive.

This version uploads 50% faster products than that of the previous version. It clearly indicates that massive traffic can easily shop here in bulk. Even, the end-to-end checkout time is much faster than what you have experienced in the previous version.


Responsiveness Makes It Mobile Friendly

Its new version is intelligently developed keeping the fact into account that around 62% of smartphone users globally purchase online using their phone. Therefore, its maker has spent much of time on improving the responsiveness of its themes to make it more mobile friendly. As the touch screen technology is all around, its admin panel is compatible to touch inputs.

If you talk about its navigation, it’s super smooth and seamless regardless of a screen resolution.


Compatible with Advanced SEO

This platform is infused with advanced SEO features, which can help you to attract organic searches in abundance. The sellers can generate SEO friendly URLs, integrate customized meta-descriptions throughout the website and add rich snippets so that they can define HTTP data on product pages.

Being optimized with XML sitemaps, it empowers sellers to gain more visibility over the internet. This is how you can enhance your site ranking.


Massive Community Support

Being an open source platform, it has more than 3 lakh developer forming its massive community across the world. Around 250,000 businesses have embraced it. In short, you can have a huge community to take help from if you need any support for development and customization of the web design/development.

There is a huge library of third part extensions to make your online store better and enriched of on-demand features. Plus, it supports diverse third party integrations like Sage Pay, World Pay, PayPal, Mail Chimp and many more, which create a scope for customizing your online store.


Custom Security

The security permissions are essential features for an eCommerce store. It offers multiple levels of security permissions, such as Google reCAPTCHA, secondary password prompt, PCI Data Security and many more to benefit safe selling. In short, you can add an extra layer of security from vulnerability.

If you want to make it more secure, it enables you to add two-factor authentication to the store. You can define a path for your admin separately to barricade hackers and also embed SSL for securing all pages data. This is how you can define an end to end security to your website.

As far as the security flaws are concerned, it actively monitors and time to time releases advanced security patches to keep it secure.


Easy to Integrate a Marketplace

The best feature of this platform is its integrity feature, which enables it to attach with popular marketplaces like Amazon. This is how you can set multiple channels to make your products or services visible to a much wider audience through Magento.


Upgraded Search Option

Another advanced feature is its intelligent search option. Now, you can filter a specific product from a huge catalogue, as it uses unique search terms, clouds, product reviews, recently viewed products, tags and a lot more so that you can search for whatever you want.


Customise Features

With a lot of themes, extensions and features, you can create an eCommerce website of your dream. You can pick up a unique theme and style it as per your brand requirement so that the customers can get hooked to it.

Once step checkout adds to its flexibility, which does not let the customer bounce out without buying. Currency converter, language translators and quick views are a few attractive features that you can find only here for creating endless prospects.