10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins To Use in 2022

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Know the 10 WordPress plugins like Monsetinsight, HubSpot, WPForms, SeedProd, Smush, Jetpack, and more popular in 2022.

The WordPress directory contains more than 55,000 plugins. The wide range of available plugins allows most enterprises to have engaging and customized websites. As a result, they want to hire WordPress developers who can use the plugins effectively for their eCommerce website development.

The world’s top WordPress websites are BBC America, PlayStation, Skype, the Walt Disney Company, TED blog, and the list is long. Therefore, WordPress powers 14.7% of the World’s top websites. It makes WordPress more popular among startups.

Often, businesses want the best plugin suggestions for SEO, social media, backup, and speed. So, the availability of over thousands of plugins makes it extremely overwhelming for the developers to choose the most suitable ones as per the business.

What Is a WordPress Plugin?

Before I proceed to tell you the most popular plugins in 2022, you should understand what exactly a plugin is?

A plugin is software that is used to enhance the capabilities of another software. Many people call it an add-on and extension also because it adds new functions to a host program. In the same way, the WordPress plugin extends the functionalities, features, and designs of an eCommerce website.

The developers don’t have to code for the tiny, repetitive, and common parts of the website if they use plugins. Consequently, plugins make the work of the developers easy and help them to create a beautiful website in a short time.

10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins in 2022

As you know what is plugin, you can use it effectively. Even, you can also create a website on the WordPress platform without the coding skills. Or if you don’t have time and need an expert’s help you can hire a WordPress developer.

If you are planning to develop a WordPress website, don’t miss out on the most popular plugins because they can enhance your website’s look and functionalities. Scroll down to know them.

1. Monsterinsight

Monsterinsight is a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. You can connect your website with Google Analytics using this plugin. It helps you to know how people find and use your website. With the help of this plugin, you know all the stats related to your WordPress website.

Thereby, you can optimize your website with the help of the Monsterinsight plugin to increase traffic, subscribers, and eventually revenue. The plugin is available for free, but if you want to access its more features, you have to buy a premium version.

2. HubSpot

Marketing is a crucial part of an eCommerce business and for online marketing, you need the best plugin, and HubSpot is one of them. You can manage contacts, follow leads, build email newsletters, engage with site visitors via forms and chats, and track conversions also.

The plugin integrates your website with its HubSpot CRM. Consequently, you can know how effective are your marketing strategies and the growth of your business. It is the must-have plugin to increase your leads and customer base on the website.

3. WooCommerce

You can develop your online store to sell the products and services using WooCommerce. It is the most popular plugin by WordPress for eCommerce websites. WordPress created the WooCommerce plugin. So, It helps to convert your blog into a fully functional online eCommerce store.

It is the best plugin to develop a customized online store as you can sell everything from a file to physical products, add sorting and filtering functions, show reviews and ratings, and more. Likewise, this amazing plugin gives you complete control over the design and functionalities as well.

4. WPForm

WPForm plugin provides the most user-friendly contact form that your customers use to get in touch with you. This form builder allows you to make contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, and payment forms with just drag and drop action. WPForms has 300+ pre-built form templates.

You can build a powerful form in a short time with the help of effective marketing and payment platforms. Moreover, you will hardly find the features like conversational forms, form abandonment, landing pages, and user journey tracking in other form plugins except for WPForms.

5. All in one SEO

Since WordPress is SEO-friendly, you can easily get this type of plugin. All In One SEO (AIO SEO) helps to get more visitors to your website. Likewise, ranks your web on the Google search engine. AIO SEO is the most popular tool and allows the best SEO practices.

It offers all the important features that are vital to improving on-page SEO. You can add SEO title, keywords, and meta description, generate an XML site map, optimize it for social media, and connect your site to the Google search console.

6. SeedProd

SeedProd is a page builder for the WordPress platform. You can customize the page of your website by creating impressive designs and custom page layouts. Many businesses like to work with it because it allows them to make easy and effective custom landing pages in a few minutes.

In addition, you can create completely custom WordPress themes with the help of the SeeProd plugin and you require no coding skills for it. There are over 150 beautifully designed templates, so you have many options to choose from.

7. Jetpack

Who would not like to supercharge their websites with unique functions and features? I think no one. Jetpack has the potential to carry many plugins to integrate amazing features, designs, and functions into the website. Automattic company developed the Jetpack, which means skilled developers built it.

You will not have to worry about the site security and optimization of user engagement because this plugin helps to keep your site running smoothly. Moreover, you can add social share buttons, CDN services, contact forms, and email subscription forms, and improve the security of your site.

8. Smush

It takes only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a site. And if the images on your website don’t open immediately, you can lose the customer due to the poor performance of your site. And probably can’t get that customer back on your site.

Smush improves the site performance by working on the slow loading of the website. It optimizes every image on your site to improve its loading speed. If you optimize every image manually, you will end up wasting all your time and feel tiresome at the end of the day. Smush makes it easy and quick for you.

9. UpdraftPluse

UpdraftPluse is the widely used backup plugin. You can set up automatic backups and store them safely in a remote location like email, S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, and more. Likewise, you can restore your website easily using this plugin.

UpdraftPluse offers some basic features free of cost, but if you want to use more advance and extra features, you have to go for its paid plan. This is a beneficial plugin for the safety of the website.

10. Push Engage

As the name implies, it is used to enable push notifications on the website. It helps you send targeted messages, announcements and offers to your website users with the help of the browser push notification technology. Push notifications are important to retain the customers and keep them engaged with the updates about exciting offers.

Push Engage offers many powerful features like drip campaigns, a/b testing, powerful analytics, goal tracking, and opt-in reminders. For an eCommerce website, you can know about cart abandonment notifications, price drop alerts, and much more.

Final Words

You have learned about the top WordPress plugins, so now you can use them for your website and come up with an impressive solution. As a WordPress development agency, these are only 10 plugins, but as you know that WordPress has thousands of plugins, so you have many options. Understand the requirements of your business and choose the best suitable plugin for your website.