10 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

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React Native is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform apps. Here are the reasons to use react native for app development.

React Native is an open-source technological framework for developing cross-platform applications. Cross-platform apps are the ones built to work seamlessly on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows environments.

React Native was founded by the social media giant, Facebook, in 2015 as a solution to the issue of developing app codebases separately for both Android and iOS platforms. JavaScript is the primary language used. In addition, Facebook released an open-source JavaScript library (ReactJS) to develop UIs as a further step in development.  As cross-platform apps are increasingly becoming popular due to their versatility, a React Native app development company can be consulted to start building and publishing apps to reach a large audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Discord, Bloomberg, Pinterest, and Tesla are amongst the popular modern-day apps that use React Native.

Why choose cross-platform app development?

This approach has major long-term benefits.

  • Easy deployment to reach a large audience within a short period
  • Can be conveniently bug fixed and maintained before synchronizing across multiple platforms
  • Apps can be developed as native apps with the help of customized tools

10 compelling reasons to develop apps using React Native

Businesses need to come up with marketing strategies with their commercial mobile apps and stay up longer with potential customers. A professional Native React app developer can be hired to save time and cost.

Faster app development

Key advantages seen in React Native framework is that it reduces the development efforts by a significant amount while giving a seamless user experience. The same code can be reused to deploy apps on multiple OS platforms which in turn lessens the development cycle. The significance is that the quality and productivity can be maintained while bringing a cost-effective solution. As the development cycle is less, the need to hire more developers is minimized.

Works with a minimum budget

New startups try to position themselves in the market looking to achieve faster returns. They start building their online presence to compete in the digital world with a minimum budget. Therefore, React Native app development companies can be contacted to get started with cross-platform development as a cost-effective solution.

Third-party plugin integration

React Native framework consists of a vast number of third-party plugins to meet certain business needs. Users can utilize the functions of other native apps to their full potential with ease. This important feature makes the apps load faster with less memory consumption. If you wanted to take the benefit of augmented reality in your app then you should hire augmented reality developers.

Easy learning curve

Learning React Native is easy compared to other frameworks. React Native is simple to learn for developers who are familiar with JavaScript. There is no need to learn additional languages or write complicated codes thanks to the framework.

Solid support for React Native is given by an enthusiastic online community of developers. This community can assist developers in promptly addressing any challenge, big or small. Developers can also reap the benefits of the community’s unique programming talents. Hiring a React Native developer shall result in a cutting-edge app as they possess all the tools they need.

Clean UI/UX

React Native gives developers and designers a lot of creative freedom. As a result, the designer can develop a stunning and unique user interface.

React Native developers can provide customized UIs based on their preferences. Hence, they can create personalized styles per group on the server side. This results in a flawless UX which in turn may retain users.

Seamless app updates

Changes to apps are inevitable once they are published in the application stores. It includes fixing bugs and adding new features. They can depend on the feedback from users too.

However, the process of updating native apps is tedious. It requires the approval of Google and Apple. Thereafter, the user needs to manually update the app to see the changes.

As a solution, React Native development company can use the code push service to deploy app updates during the runtime without the need of updating it through the application store. As a result, the users can immediately see the changes without re-launching the app.

Effortless debugging

Since the framework has a single codebase for multiple platforms, identifying bugs is easy. Code is reusable and developers need to send one update to all the mobile OS platforms. Additionally, it has tools namely, Nuclide and console.org to streamline the debugging procedure.

Exceptional performance

Apps based on React Native are real apps and not those built using hybrid technology or HTML. They deliver a native-like experience to the user. They may experience as if they are using a native app. The use of Native codes is recommended to optimize and improve the performance of React Native apps.

Moreover, certain app features can be built using React Native and the rest in Native code. This may further optimize the app’s potential.

Efficient app development

Native mobile apps are thought to be less efficient. In contrast, React Native is built on React concepts. As a result, the use of React Native for mobile app development facilitates the creation of more robust mobile apps.

React Native apps, given their hybrid nature, produce similar outcomes as native apps. It offers access to the ReactJS library to aid in app development. All these factors show sufficient proof of the high efficiency of React Native apps.

Cross-platform support

This is one of the biggest advantages. The same code is used for Android and iOS apps to give the same performance throughout. As only JavaScript is required, all other languages such as Java, C++, and Swift are unnecessary. All that is needed is to hire iOS app developers to get started.


The development of React Native mobile apps is here to stay for years to come. Any developer may appreciate the framework for its ease of learning and use. Its usage has caught the market within a very short span. React Native continues to evolve and provides timely solutions.