10 SEO Techniques That Will Increase the Ranking of Your Website

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Do you want to improve your website performance? You can simply follow 10 SEO techniques that will increase the ranking of your website.

Are you a business owner? Do you want to improve your website performance without hiring an expert? You can simply follow 10 SEO techniques that will increase the ranking of your website.

The world is progressing digitally and it has become necessary to ran high in webpages. The techniques that have led you to lead the frontline in SEO in 2019, might not work now. With New Year have come newer methods and more advanced technology. Here I shall discuss the best 10 SEO techniques 2020 that will make your website popular.

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1. Titles and Headlines To Be Optimized

The first most important point from the best SEO techniques 2020 is to optimize the headlines and titles with proper keywords. There are many clients who invest a huge amount of money in SEO services but miss out basic optimization needs. The keyword research and optimization of titles are not performed well often.

It is necessary to use proper keywords and the keywords should be placed tactfully too. Customers read the title tag and it carries weight. It is therefore important to use the keyword in the title itself. Use the most important keyword in the starting itself. Then add the next keywords in the headings and subheadings too.

It is important to have PPC titles that indirectly benefit SEO very much. The meta descriptions should be well written to urge the crowd to click the link. Use your keywords there too. In this way, you can accommodate many keywords in content and thus make the content worthy of business.

2. Pages To Be Prioritized When Navigating the Website

Another most important point from the best SEO techniques 2020 is to prioritize the pages when you are navigating the website. The most important structural element on the whole website is navigation. It is generally at the top of the webpage and allows to link with the other pages as well. Thus the other links get a lot of mileage. You will see that a homepage has good authority over all sites because the logo on every page actually links to all pages.

3. Add Category Pages To the Original Pages

Adding category pages is beneficial for your website. If you are having any e-commerce business, it will help you create a proper structure within the website as well.

There are many business websites that add their products and link them with the category ages which help in giving a lot of mileage to the product pages. It makes your website grow and develop gradually.

4. Implementation of Proper Tracking

In order to understand the issues with your website, here is another most important point from the best SEO techniques 2020.

You need to have a thorough tracing of your website traffic as well as rankings. It is recommended to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console in order to track the search engine traffic. In this way, you can easily understand the underlying problems your website is facing. Install them through a plugin for the CMS. You can use Google Tag Manager too in order to understand all the codes of tracking.

5. Installation of an SSL Certificate

Since 2014, the installation of SSL certificate has become mandatory. You might be thinking why? The reason is because of the high-end cyber-security. With the development and up-gradation of online portals, cybercrime has become a major threat too. People share a lot of important data every day and it is necessary to secure the data.

You can do this with the help of a system called CloudFlare. Simply change the nameservers of your domain and your CloudFlare will act as the filter by blocking any spam and improper IPs to reach your server.

6. Save and Secure Your Maps Listing

In order to have your website a good value, you need to use Google MyBusiness where you can get your loving website to be listed multiple times in Google. It will also have a link to your website and the one who clicks it will be linked back to your website as well. People will be able to find your website much easier and your ranking will automatically reach higher.

Create your own listing and have ownership of it too. Then fill in your details properly adding attractive pictures of your products, locations and services, and your team members too. Your clients will automatically have trust in you.

7. Images To Be Compressed and Optimized

An important point included in best SEO techniques 2020 is that the images that you use should be properly compressed and optimized as well.

Images take a lot of physical as well as virtual space on your server and thus take a lot of time to load. For that, you need to use software that will compress the image without reducing the pixel or affecting the quality of the picture. The picture will only reduce in size. You can use Smush in case you are using WordPress or can use tools for compression such as ShortPixel which have good APIs. Every time you upload a picture, compress them using TinyPNG.

8. Site Speed To Be Increased – Pagespeed Insights

Apart from images, there are other factors too which affect the speed of the site. It can be because of files, PHO conflict, databases too which take a lot of time to load. To avoid this problem try to limit your plugin usage to a very minimum level. Get rid of unnecessary plugins and extensions. Use a good hosting provider and minimize the unwanted resources that slow down your website. But before you are doing anything please keep a backup of all files and databases too.

9. Interlink Your Pages With Anchor Pages

Interlinking is one of the best SEO techniques. You can use your website to interlink it with keyword strong anchor pages. This will make your website stronger and the most important thing is you can control it completely. Whenever you are adding any content please be sure to get it interlinked with relevant pages as well.

10. Secure Social Media Profiles

The last point, which is one of the best SEO techniques 2020, is that you need to secure your social media profiles as well.

They are a great platform to get some initial backlinks to your website. Also, increase the sharing options of your pages as well as posts through which you will be able to reach a lot number of crowd in one throw.

Thus, you have a list before you apply the best SEO techniques to increase the ranking of your website. Though it is not possible to apply all of them, try to implement most of them.