10 Steps for Marketing Your Law Firm’s Website

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In this post, we will provide you with the 10 steps, essential to promote your law firm’s website without an extensive budget or prior marketing experience.

Like for any other business, online marketing for law firms is about long term sustained growth. For this reason, it’s necessary to keep a focus on building a strong online presence with the help of a website.

A solid and professional web presence for law firms doesn’t involve rocket science. It only requires a few essential steps to strengthen your online presence. Not only marketing your law firm’s website can help attract new clients, but also establish its credibility in its domain.

In this post, we will provide you with the 10 steps, essential to promote your law firm’s website without an extensive budget or prior marketing experience.

Focus Your Site’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways of getting your website rank top on the search engines. When correctly done, SEO strategies can help you drive leads even when you are sleeping and without spending a single penny. SEO is open to everyone and bring you positive results, based on the quality of content you public and the number of links you receive from the outside.

Invest in PPC

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is another way of bringing new clients to your firm through online marketing. With PPC, you create ads and pay a fixed price for every click your ad gets on the search engine. It has no specific spending requirement, which means you can easily keep within your budget and focus on your ROI.

Use Article Marketing

Article marketing is about writing quality articles related to your niche. It is a beneficial marketing strategy that gives you exposure and brings pre-qualified traffic to your website. This marketing strategy can be used to educate people about your particular domain, while at the same time, it helps drive them to your site. Even the best websites for lawyers use this strategy to promote their website.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and tested strategy for promoting your business website and retain new clients. It involves sharing newsletters, promotions, discounts, etc. to build relationships with clients. The best part about this strategy is that it only requires a little money.

Improve Your Web Design

Having an improved law firm web design is a great way to market your services efficiently. Simple and cleanly design websites are easy to navigate, build credibility, get trust from potential clients, and increases the rate of conversions. Definitely, it should be a part of any lawyer’s online marketing plan.

Spend on Facebook Ads

If you have a limited advertising budget and looking for high ROI, Facebook ads are a great bet. With Facebook Ads, your law business can easily reach potential clients based on their age, location, gender, etc. without spending a fortune.

Market on YouTube

Creating videos about your law firm and sharing them on YouTube help drive customers to your business. And, since not many companies use this platform for marketing their website, it can be extremely beneficial for your firm if you upload videos about your law firm and its services.

Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn might be the perfect tool to drive traffic to your website. Leverage it by increasing connections with potential clients, join relevant groups, and post content from your website’s blog (with links). Besides, commenting using your website name can also help in directing traffic to your site.

Post Videos on Site

While uploading new videos on your website is an effective way to enhance the quality attorney website design, it also takes the attention of potential clients. Short informative videos related to your business are more effective in engaging people to your website instead of texts and images.

Apply Outreach Marketing

Outreach marketing involves connecting with other individuals in your domain to promote your website in some way. You can use this technique by first identifying your firm’s target market and its goals. It involves reaching out with a pitch using different platforms, primarily via social media, to get the exposure for your website you needed.