11 Great Ways to Find Content Ideas for Your Agency Blog

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Discover some great ways to find content ideas to start an online blog for your agency.

Content writing in Pakistan is gaining immense popularity in recent years. Many people write content in Pakistan either part-time or permanently to earn income. Some people run their own blogs while others work for different companies and write content on their behalf for a fee. If you write blogs, it is important to keep updating your blog consistently so the audience does not lose interest and move on. Also, it is extremely important that you keep coming with new and fresh ideas for your blog so that the viewers remain entertained and keep viewing your site often and do not bounce off your website in search of something more engrossing and appealing. So, how to find good content ideas for your blog?

1. What Would You Want If You Were the Audience?

The best way to be a good content writer in Pakistan is to assume you are the audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would want if you were reading a certain article. Search articles on the internet, look at their format, their tone, their way of writing and whether they put up any pictures or videos. Then decide what interested you more. If you think that way, you will be able to write an article better suited to your viewers’ wishes. For example, people like it more when the article is subdivided into headings and points, the paragraphs are short and there are more pictures that they can see to give them a visual understanding of what’s actually written. No one likes to read a boring old article saying the same things over and over again.

Make sure you make your website catchy and colorful and that your words connect to your audience so that they read the whole thing and still want more!

2. What Do You Want to Write About?

You need to decide that beforehand. Think of all the topics you want to write about, write them down and then brainstorm points about them. You can decide the headline or title later. Just focus on the idea itself first.

3. What Do Your Sales and Marketing People Tell You About Your Customers’ Needs?

Ask people in your company that are at the forefront of dealing with people. Ask them about their likes, dislikes, and wishes.

You could also ask your friends or acquaintances about what they would like to read or watch on the internet and acquire ideas from there a well for to write good content!

4. Use Data

Are there any studies that are related to the content that you write about? For example, if you write health articles and you come across a study that states:

“Some researchers say morning coffee is bad for your skin”

Now, you could write an article about the type of foods that would be beneficial for your skin if you take them in the morning or choose some topic along the lines of this statement. It is safe to say people would take interest in something like this as it relates to a study. Also, there is lots to write about this!

5. What Does the Competition Write About?

Always check your competitor’s content. Gather ideas from their website as well. Do not steal their content but you can always collect ideas from their site and write something even better. Also, check out their comments section as well to see the response of their audience.

6. Always Be up to Date on the Newest Trends and Recent Events

Always be aware of the latest trends and news. For example, if you have a fashion blog, keep yourself updated about the new ideas and designs, any recent fashion shows held or going to be held and information about celebrities and models that are going to be there.

7. Use the Topic Generator Tool

You can never really run out of ideas for your blog. Search topic generator sites on google to find out interesting ideas for your blog.

8. Browse Through Your Viewer’s Comments

Always check your viewers’ comments. It will tell you a lot about your blogs. You might not like some of the things that are said there, but it is just going to help you be better in the longer run.

9. Social Media – Your Biggest Tool Ever!

Keep checking your social media sites for people’s responses, latest trends and events and also scroll through your media to find out what people want these days.

10. Use the Internet Wisely

Use a headline generator for catchy titles, google for good content and write keywords to see how many searches and websites are available.

11. Review Products

Review products for your company and any other products related to the content that you write about.

These are some tips that we offered you to become a good content writer in Pakistan. Good luck! For more visit SEOHub.pk