129 Fresh Ideas for Your Visual Content Marketing

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Is your marketing message getting lost in the digital noise? Here are 129 visual content marketing tips that will make you stand out online and in print.

Switching It Up!

Visual content marketing is an essential digital marketing trend for 2020. More and more business owners and marketers understand the value of visual storytelling. And consumers prefer visual content marketing to any other method. The human brain is hardwired to respond to visual images faster than other stimuli.

And the opportunities for visual marketing are almost endless. Not just limited to your product images or photos of happy customers; visual content marketing covers everything from your logo and brand image to your social media images, and even video and interactive e-books. Any type of business will find opportunities for visual content marketing; you just have to look around you.

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Initially, we were hoping to get somewhere around 30-45 ideas, maybe 50 if we got inspired. So it was a little surprising even to us that we came up with over 120 visual marketing ideas! Some or many may not work for your industry or field. But we bet you will find at least one or two nuggets in each category. Take a look at the kind of visual content marketing options available to you.

129 Fresh Visual Content Marketing Ideas

Brand Images

  1. Website Banner
  2. Website Button
  3. Website Badge
  4. Website Ad
  5. Brand Style Guide
  6. Social Media Cover Image
  7. Social Media Profile Image
  8. Promotional Image
  9. Blog Post Image
  10. Email Newsletter Image
  11. Social Media Image
  12. Product Image
  13. 3-D Product Image / Animation
  14. Lifestyle Image
  15. In-House Stock Image

Social Media Images

  1. Famous Quotation
  2. Your Quote
  3. Customer / Brand Advocate Quote
  4. Customer Question
  5. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  6. Affirmation
  7. Fact / Fun Fact
  8. Helpful Tip
  9. Reminder
  10. Short List / Checklist
  11. Headline / Title
  12. Idea / Thought / Possibility
  13. How-to Instructions
  14. Announcement
  15. Teaser / Preview
  16. Controversial Statement
  17. A Glance Behind the Scenes
  18. Customer Photo of Your Product
  19. Customer Photo of Your Location
  20. Customer Using Your Product
  21. Written Testimonial
  22. Your Inspiration

Informative Images

  1. Infographic
  2. Top Ten List
  3. Bucket List
  4. How-To List
  5. Tutorial
  6. Step-by-Step Instructions
  7. Fact Sheet
  8. Tip Sheet
  9. Cheat Sheet
  10. Quick Set-Up Sheet
  11. Plan / Guide
  12. Diagram
  13. Flow Chart
  14. Whiteboard Image
  15. Side-by-Side Comparison
  16. List of Rules / Regulations

Print Images

  1. Business Cards
  2. Letterhead
  3. Marketing / Promotional Brochure
  4. Printed Menu
  5. Thank You Card
  6. Holiday Card
  7. Anniversary Card
  8. Post Card
  9. Recipe / How-to Card
  10. BookMark
  11. Product Hang Tag
  12. Price Tag
  13. Poster
  14. Flyer
  15. Invitation (incl. Envelopes, RSVP Card)
  16. Note Pad
  17. Point-of-Purchase Display
  18. Trade Show Display
  19. Trade Show / Marketing Swag

Other Images

  1. Media Kit
  2. Press Kit
  3. Speakers Sheet
  4. Resume / Curriculum Vitae
  5. About Me / About Us Image
  6. Company Manifesto
  7. Company Declaration
  8. Company Pledge / Promise
  9. Company Challenge
  10. Comic
  11. Sketch
  12. Doodle
  13. Animation
  14. Watercolor / Oil / Other Art
  15. Scrapbook Page
  16. Collage
  17. Photo Montage


  1. Sizzle Reel
  2. Talking Head
  3. Tutorial
  4. Screen Cast
  5. Behind the Scenes
  6. Interview
  7. Q&A Session
  8. ‘TED’ Style Talk
  9. Company Creed
  10. Presentation
  11. Graphic Recording
  12. Explainer Video
  13. About Us Video
  14. Video Testimonial
  15. Trailer / Preview
  16. Webcast Recording
  17. Live Event Recording
  18. Hangout Recording
  19. Project Timeline / Development
  20. Storyboarding
  21. Hyperlapse
  22. Flipagram
  23. Animated GIF

Interactive Media

  1. E-book
  2. Digital Publication
  3. Booklet
  4. Guide
  5. Lookbook
  6. Catalog
  7. Magazine
  8. Planner
  9. Organizer
  10. Template
  11. Checklist / To-Do List
  12. Instructions
  13. Pattern
  14. Survey / Questionnaire
  15. Worksheet
  16. Checklist
  17. Progress List

Switching Up Your Visual Content Marketing

You now have 129 fresh ideas for visual content marketing. Even if two-thirds are not to your liking, you still have over 40 ideas you can use for your visual content marketing! There has to be something that works for you!

Take a look at what you are already doing in regards to visual marketing. Now imagine how you can apply your brand image to existing visual content. That could be as easy as adding your logo, using the correct fonts and brand colors, or adding your unique touch. Just make sure that your efforts are on-brand and cohesive across all your marketing channels.

If you see a few content marketing ideas you have not yet tried, now is as good a time as any. Pick a few that appeal to you the most. How can you create visual content for those? Maybe you can reuse some visual content you already created.

And I am a big believer in saving time and effort. And that includes visual content marketing. Before you rush out and create or buy new images and other visual content, take a look at what you already have. It is usually easier to repurpose existing content than to create unique content.

Remember, you need to be yourself. Any type of visual content marketing needs to be authentic to be effective. Don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Create your own innovative visual marketing strategy with our unique marketing ideas. We are here to help!

How Is Your Visual Content Marketing?

How is visual content marketing working out for you? Do you have anything to add to our visual content marketing ideas? Please leave your comments below so our audience can benefit as well, and grab our feed, so you don’t miss our next post! And help your audience with visual content marketing by sharing this post with them!

Thank you! We appreciate your help to end bad business websites, one pixel at a time!

By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / CXO