16 Best Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Marketing Strategies

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Hunting for great marketing tools to empower your business website? In this article, we suggest which marketing tools will help you to level up your blog.

Advanced Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the most significant to kick of website promotion. For this, you always require a reliable tool that lets you know monthly searches, right buyer intent keywords, accurate competition, and CPC. The below-listed tools may be beneficial for you.

Google Search Console

One of the most reliable keyword research tools is Google search console. Google webmaster tool has a specific feature called “performance”, in which you are allocated a long list of keywords. You as a website owner can extract this list that is available as per total clicks and impressions. Besides, you are entitled to extract a report on the landing page, devices, and data resources at the moment.

Google search console aims to provide an authentic list of keywords that are being explored by searchers. This “performance” section can be customized to extend report metrics. Two visible filters such as search type and date will be helpful to get extended search queries and landing pages.

In the search type, you can find queries from three different Google resources such as web, image, and video. In the date range section, you can change the date choosing selective options or custom dates can be decided.

Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is a PPC oriented keyword research tool that aid you to see search volume and forecast of search queries but plenty of digital marketing use keyword planner for SEO objectives. In the planner, you are allowed to set up four different parameters to get a wonderful list of keywords such as location, language, search network, and date.

The keyword planner is an ideal platform for SEO experts, they can check the competition of keywords, bid on a particular keyword as well as average monthly searches, and keyword difficulty with a single click. Most of the digital marketers run their website based on keyword planner keyword research reports of eternity and they achieve goals undoubtedly.


Soovle is an amazing keyword grouping software that delivers you a collection of keywords rapidly. Internet users have a great privilege to discover LSI and suggested keywords from seven popular internet platforms such as Wikipedia, Google, Answers, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.

Just put a single term in the Soovle search box, you will start getting a 100s of keywords from reliable channels. When you click on the search button, you will be redirected on Google search default but you can change these seniors (right below search box options are added).

Soovle is a completely free keyword finder software that serves online influencers.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs keyword explorer is the most loved premium keyword revealer toolkit. Ahrefs keyword research methods may be beneficial for a strong content marketing strategy. Users have great functionality through Ahrefs to find sales queries for 10 popular search engines.

Besides, users get reports on accurate search volume, unlimited keywords suggestions, Latent semantic queries along with keyword difficulty score. All these statics can be implemented to craft a powerful content marketing methodology. Rather you might be given up to 10000 search terms onto one search.

These six ways you can get keyword results:

  • Search suggestions
  • Also, the rank of
  • Having the same terms
  • Questions
  • Newly discovered
  • Phrase match

Social Media Tools

You always need a user-friendly tool to optimize your blog for social media visitors. Besides, you should have a strong social media marketing methods will help you to increase website traffic.

Below you can find some reliable series of social media tools.


Are you hunting for a time-saving tool that has the functionality to schedule all the posts and make them live while you are busy in another task? Try buffer application for free and start determining your posts time. Through buffer, you can connect with all major social channels as well as a required text, hashtags, tags can be added at the time.

Buffer also offers premium features to extend your productivity in which you can schedule up to 2,000 posts at a time. Also, colander view, custom video thumbnail, Instagram first comment, tagging, and much more tools you are given with buffer.


With BuzzSumo, you can find the right content that is performing the best. Buzzsumo is a well-known application that tells you which content is trending over social media. Rather you can find which blogger is a shared type of content. You have the privilege to track your content better way and implement the right strategy after understanding what other influencers are executing.


Give a try to Hootsuite social media management tool. Hootsuite offers several premium plans such as professional, team, business, and enterprise. If you do not want pay, Hootsuite is also available with free package but limited features.

With free tools, you can connect up to 3 social profiles, schedule up to 30 posts at once, get documented support, and insert third party free apps.

If you have a team, then go with a team solution in which, you are allocated functionality for 20 social channels, 3 users, and get technical help from live chat support. That is adequate to reach out to the targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

For a static website, you can conduct a manual SEO audit. But for dynamic sites like eCommerce, you always look for a user friendly and quick responsive tool to inspect SEO parameters for the keywords ranking. We are preparing a compressive list of SEO tools.


Do you believe Neil Patel tips and tricks then you surely consider his exclusive tool name UberSuggest? Through free version Ubersuggest does a multitude of task like domain overview, inform you top ranked pages, keyword suggestions, trending content ideas as well as backlink data.

There are also some paid plans are listed on site but you would prefer free use. Simply, visit the site and submit your domain name and choose a country.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Would you like to utilize Google products? Schema implementation has become necessary to achieve higher ranking and improve CTR for a website. For this, a specific kind of code is inserted into the HTML section that defines a particular webpage. It also lets crawlers to recognize the right page to be displayed for a query.

But sometimes you do major mistakes while optimizing the site for a schema. That’s where Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool comes in the lead role.

With this tool, you get two options – either you paste a webpage URL or put a structured code and run test.


A strong and reliable text plagiarism checker that lets you detect your content is copied or not. Besides, Copyscape track from where your content has been stolen.

In this way, you make ensure your website is secure and not getting penalized anyhow. Start using this tool without any restrictions.


Semrush is an award-winning SEO audit tool and it is the first choice of influencers. Inside the Semrush dashboard, domain analysis and keyword analysis are the main components to kick of site analysis. The paid version of this tool is quite costly but adding credit card details, you will be allocated a 7-day trial.

Apart from keywords, you can also conduct a topic research action as Semrush offers a separate inspection tool for a variety of topics with restrictions.

SEO writing assistant and content template may provide you delightful reports for your website growth.

Headline Writing Tools

Creating meaningful headlines are essentials tasks to build trust and grab the first attraction of readers. A reader starts reading an article from the headline. A headline should be stunning, catchy, and real-time.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Probably you have heard of Coschedule Headline Analyzer but yet to be started analyzing topics or create a new one. Coschedule is one of the best title creator tools that I used the most so far.

Simply type your title in the search box and press the “analyze now” button. This tool will show you a perfect word balance that is the combination of common, uncommon, emotional, and power words.

That means the output of analysis will be based on these four components As well as it will give you some suggestions on how to enhance word performance in the headline.


Are you not being able to discover unique headlines for your upcoming blog posts? Seopressor is a bit advanced headline generator tool. Go through the search box choose one option to define your term.

  • Is a generic term
  • Is a brand/product
  • Is an event
  • Is an industry
  • IS A Location
  • Is a person’s name
  • Is a skill

It shows around 2 titles once the search button is clicked. Need more than keep pressing “generate more titles” key. You will get up to 500 fresh titles for your blog. You are not demanded to pay the amount for such a useful tool.

Email Marketing Tools

It is bound that you cannot perform email marketing manually. No marketer will tell you any shortcode to do the email sending tasks without a tool. In this section, you can find the best email marketing tools for your business.

Constant Contact

Use this effective email marketing tool to power up your leads and sales. Constant Contact is capable to make your marketing procedure easy. You need to know that this tool is not available at free. You will have to kick off your marketing campaigns with premium plans. With a premium package, you are given drag and drop settings and for that, you do not take any training sessions. This tool would be mobile responsive which means you can even install this into smartphone and free to manage from any location.

Besides, you send a welcome mail to new subscribers, automatic resend emails, extend your email list, and grab more emails, and so on.


If you are not contentment with the above one, then look at the exclusive features of Sendinblue. With a free plan, you can send up to 300 emails per day. For the extended version, you are entitled to contact with up to 40,000 people and so on. With all this, you receive complete control over mobile-friendly designer, email template library, SMS marketing along with no limits of daily sending mails.

More features:

  • Send time optimization
  • Remove Sendinblue logo in your mails
  • Landing page builder
  • Connect with Facebook ads and Retargeting ads

Wrapping Up

I have discovered a fruitful set of content marketing tools that may intensify the performance of your online business. But do not jump straight in, a business needs a proper strategy and execution plan. To grow your online business you must have both content marketing tools and a trustworthy strategy.

If you have questions then you can leave them in below comment box. I will be happy to help you.

Author Bio – Neeraj Sharma is a famous blogger and content writer He runs bloggingfrommoon.com. You can find in-depth information about SEO, blogging tips, WordPress tricks, and email marketing strategies on bloggingfrommoon.