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LECET: Market Expansion Project (MEP)

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The Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) is one of the largest construction union groups in the U.S. It brings together the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and its signatory contractors in over 31 states to address issues of importance.

National LECET’s Market Expansion Project (MEP) is a platform that provides access and details on over 300,000 construction jobs with a total dollar value of over $1 trillion. The web-based platform provides construction project leads, market research and business news free of charge to its members and affiliates. In addition to the web-based platform, MEP has evolved to include mobile applications for iPhone and Android users and a host of software for the web platform.

The product suite is meant to enable the management of key aspects of their organization including political action, recruitment, historical and future trends, construction business news, and more. MEP provides laborers a tool to effectively and easily find projects and jobs, and increase market share.

The apps are an exclusive program for LiUNA, LECET, and their affiliates and there is no other progressive, intuitive and powerful program like the MEP available in the marketplace.

Role of the App

In the competitive world of construction, you can quickly be outbid on a project or a potential lead. LECET’s primary focus is to help create a quick and seamless way for its members to find construction opportunities both locally and nationwide, as well as cite historical and future trends, share political and business news, improve recruitment and increase market share.

Contractors can also track leads by adding projects and companies to their custom tracking lists, review updates to targeted projects, access projects near them and even obtain driving directions to call on projects or companies. The suite of mobile and web applications contained within MEP work seamlessly together to create a highly effective and complementary experience for users and admins alike.

Research, Target & Plan

Dom & Tom’s objective was to re-architect and rebuild the legacy system that was previously in place for LECET. For phase one of our engagement, we began with a thorough discovery & planning phase wherein the Dom & Tom team set out to build a strategic vision with LECET, taking into account business goals as well as current user feedback and needs. From there, user personas were detailed,  technical requirements were defined, and the Dom & Tom creative team began to work on a fresh and functional aesthetic for a centralized web platform that drives all of the digital products within the system.

After the successful launch of the web platform, LECET asked Dom & Tom to begin phase two of the engagement and evolve the MEP technology and develop a mobile app for iPhone and Android users that compliments the MEP internet application.

Currently, in the second half of 2017, we are engaged in creating several modules that live within the MEP platform and anticipate a long-standing relationship where Dom & Tom will continue to be LECET’s trusted advisors in digital strategy and digital product development.

Tech Used

Dom & Tom created a custom cloud-based platform built in Loopback (Node.JS) and Angular JS for the web platform. The native iPhone and Android applications include voice activation working with both Siri and Google Assistant.


By providing access and visibility to all roles of the LiUNA sphere, the MEP platform and all of its products offer a newer, faster, and easier way to track construction project data, leads, market research, and business news. Resulting in more jobs, a better quality of life, and data and metrics to drive strategic initiatives forward. Having opportunities delivered to them in real-time makes a huge difference and significantly increases chances of success. Dom & Tom continues to assist LECET with product iterations to the suite of apps, helping to ensure the tools stay relevant as they expand into the future.



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