2020 Digital Marketing Statistics Saudi Arabia

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2020 Digital Marketing Statistics Saudi Arabia you should know.

Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is a country in western Asia the main language there is Arabia and the total population for Saudi Arabia is 34.54 Million. The most famous cities in Saudi Arabia are Riyadh (the capital), Jeddah, and al Dammam.

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Saudi Arabia Digital Marketing Statistics

You can target Saudi Arabia for your online business because it has a large number of active users that will be a good investment for your project. There are 32.23 million internet users via any device. That means 93% of Internet users from the total population and every year it has an annual growth of 15%.

  • The average user spends 7 minutes, 46 seconds on the Internet.
  • 94% of users browse the internet at least once a day
  • 4% of users browse the Internet at least once a week

Top Websites in Saudi Arabia

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Netflix

Top Social Media Channels

There are 25 million active social media users. The most active channels are:

  • YouTube: 76%, 24,563,200 active users
  • Whatsapp: 71%, 22,947,200 active users
  • Facebook: 65%, 21,008,000 active users
  • Instagram: 62%, 20,038,400 active users

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