2022 Website Trends: Animations

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One thing is clear: in 2022 we like things to move. Especially if they move well. Valid both in real life and online.

Animations have always been key elements that attract attention, but it seems that 2022 has taken the whole concept of website animation to another level. And we really like it, because modern sites are creative, they are dynamic and they inspire interaction, which is, after all, the ultimate goal when it comes to what we want to happen online.

We leave below some animation ideas that you can implement on your site, to be up to date with the latest trends.

Animated intro

We know that the site should load in 3 seconds, but if it takes longer, during which time a nice animation appears on the screen that presents a preview of the site, tells a beautiful story, or simply is eye-catchy, does not bother anyone.

Punctual animations

This is the most classical form of animation, but hey, the classic remains the classic and doesn’t go out of style. This category includes any on-page animated element that is not related to a particular user or site action:

  • Animated background videos that tell the story of the brand or which give you a mood
  • Animated icons or design elements
  • Logo animation
  • Short gifs


Similar to punctual animations, micro-interactions are small animations, but they happen in strict connection with the user’s actions on the site. They can be activated by clicking on them, on the mouseover, or on other actions defined as a cause and effect (enter the menu — animate the logo, press a key — go to the next page or change the background of the page you are on). The charisma of these small animations is given by the interaction with them and the user’s power over what happens on the site, and if they are turned into little games or stories, they are all the more attractive and interesting.


Scrolling is the technique of telling an animated story, which unfolds in front of the user as he scrolls. It is perhaps the most modern and dynamic form of animation that you can integrate into your site and offers countless possibilities.

We can have a website that is built element by element as we go through it or that just changes and animates, we can have animated floating elements, which we keep with us throughout the length of a web page or we can even tell a whole story using user-controlled animation on a single frame. The sky is the limit!


Parallax is the father of animations, being one of the techniques used for years. In this case, the elements of the website move seemingly independently of each other, at different speeds, giving the feeling of dynamism and animation. Although in recent years it has had its ups and downs in terms of popularity, Parallax has returned in force due to the possibility of combining it with storytelling. And the result is pretty cool! Believe us!

All of the above

Good news — modern websites in 2022 are priceless because they don’t have to be limited by one type of animation. As long as the effects used overlap nicely and match, telling the story together and using them does not have the undesirable result of overloading the user experience, we can say that the merrier principle fits perfectly!

We hope that our information will inspire you to choose or create a website that is as dynamic and lively as possible!