21 Best eCommerce and Marketing Podcasts for 2018

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In this article, we highlight 21 of the best podcasts for the eCommerce and marketing world.

There are more than 500,000 podcasts out there. While a big chunk of them exist purely for entertainment purposes, many of the best marketing podcasts and eCommerce podcasts are intended to help you make more money, more easily. What a reason to listen in!

Some of the podcasts are tailored to boost digital sales and marketing efforts, while others explore and explain many of the technical aspects of the eCommerce world.

They also share general suggestions on how marketing pros can do their jobs better, introduce listeners to influencers in the industry, and offer recommendations for useful apps, products, plugins, and processes.

Because there are many paths to success in eCommerce, it’s also beneficial to hear insights from all different types of people. Experts in everything from keyword research and social media marketing to smart SEO practices and ways to improve the user’s experience will educate you on the ways to do business better.

Many of the podcasts are only 15-20 minutes long, which makes it easy to squeeze a few in throughout the week.

In no particular order, the following list includes 21 of the best eCommerce and marketing podcasts. If these inspire you to want to get out and create your own online marketplaces, we can help!

1. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

Smart sales is about giving people what they want. This can be anything from the practical and functional to the garish and stylish. Or it can be a bit of both, such as blankets and linens. Steve Chou and his wife made tons of money selling bed linens with an effective online store, which they talk about at length. Steve also interviews people in similar situations about how to create good storefronts and related promotions for niche goods.

2. eCommerce Fuel Podcast

Following this collection of podcasts regularly won’t necessarily guarantee eCommerce success, but the intent is to at least provide helpful information and suggestions to get you closer. The point is to help people set and achieve a goal of at least $7 million in sales and keep on growing that business. Along with the podcast, their site includes other resources for merchants at this level. Listeners receive a variety of tips, from scaling to branding to SEO optimizing.

3. The Fizzle Show

The road to success can be bumpy, but listening to this weekly podcast can show that even detours can create positive results. Three co-hosts present regular practical information about boosting productivity, improving goal setting, and bettering digital marketing efforts.

4. The Jason & Scot Show

Two longtime retail eCommerce pros share current news and interview other eCommerce heavyweights. Jason Goldberg is from SapientRazorfish and Scot Wingo is from Channel Advisor, but they previously worked together at Shop.org and enjoyed the after-hours interactions with their similarly successful peers.

5. The BobWP eCommerce Show

With an emphasis on treating your digital storefront as seriously as your brick-and-mortar operation, Bob Dunn and his audio colleagues provide information about different methods of contacting past, present, or future prospects to grow engagement and revenue. Past episodes have included everything from better navigation to using the WooCommerce eCommerce platform.

6. Your Website Engineer Podcast

In 2010, engineer Dustin Hartzler began sharing ways to work well with WordPress to create better-looking sites. He now offers weekly podcasts, monthly webinars, and videos demonstrating his powerful techniques. Topics include better use of design, templates, and plugins, plus explanations about the best places to learn important skills like coding.

7. Nerd Marketing Podcast

Blending traditional sales strategies with new digital/technological approaches, entrepreneur Drew Sanocki presents methods that businesses can use to grow their eCommerce operations. This includes automation, customer management, increasing value, and selling for a nice profit.

8. eCommerce Minute Podcast

A digital commerce firm called SumoHeavy creates quick overviews of current events in the tech, retail, and general business world that will interest marketing professionals. While the episodes are nice and short, they are often a bit longer than a minute. Good thing too, because whether they are five or ten minutes, it is just enough to be useful while brief.

9. The Cha-Ching Podcast

Entrepreneur/clothing designer Kevin Wild invites weekly guests to discuss how they run their companies, with an emphasis on growing online sales. The site also invites people with stories to request an interview for future podcasts. Listen in!

10. WPRoundtable

It’s easy to think of WordPress in terms of simple site design. But it also employs skilled people. This podcast invites some of them to share favorite shortcuts, strategies, and methods to make better use of the platform, including tools they’ve developed themselves. It’s a fun way to think of the company in terms of the sheer dynamic talent within.

11. Take Traction eCommerce Podcast

Use eCommerce to not only make money but save time? Yes, please. That’s the focus of this podcast about innovation, creativity, and digital marketing trends. Past episodes have included everything from avoiding burnout to explaining technical processes.

12. Growth Mapping Podcast

Aaron Agius and Sujan Patel present various ideas to help grow online businesses – everything from bringing in new customers to making more money. These range from general old-school strategies of selling better and building relationships to new methods like backlinks and chatbots.

13. Matt Report

For seven seasons, Matt Medeiros has focused on spreading the word about eCommerce opportunities, especially for freelance designers and entrepreneurs. He starts by sharing his own experiences and brings in guests to share their experiences and insights, including ways to use the WordPress platform better.

14. The Effective eCommerce Podcast

Travis Marziani heads up this stellar eCommerce podcast, fresh off his former podcast Build My Online Store. He talks through all the important aspects of starting an online store, including recommendations for software, strategy, and other tools.

15. eCommerce in the Trenches

The goal of this marketing podcast is to look past basic headlines about how much money people are making. Instead, it shows what tools they’re using, what tactics they’re trying, and what amount of effort they’re putting in. Host J.D. Crouse, co-founder of Bolder Band Headbands, invites other online retailers to share their struggles and accomplishments.

16. Tropical MBA Podcast

Ian Schoen and Dan Andrews focus on how to achieve personal and financial freedom while having fun doing it. Their regular podcast includes their successful experiences working with startups, current business trends, and interviews with entrepreneurs, some who do things right and some who have made mistakes. We can always learn from doing things wrong.

17. The Mastermind Podcast

Jean and James Laws from WP Ninjas began the podcast by offering tips to help WordPress users design and sell better. Then Mark Zahra joined the team to offer further expertise about plugins, content aggregators, and simply doing everything better. The podcast offers different takes on the platform and how to make money.

18. The Amazing Seller Podcast

While some podcasts share other people’s stories and tools of choice, Scott Voelker focuses more on how to use these tools yourself, especially Amazon’s FBA for Private Labelers. Recent episodes have included keyword ranking, social media channels, and general brand and list building.

19. Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

With an approach that’s informal but still informative, this podcast is intended to get listeners excited and interested but not necessarily bore or confuse them with too much technical jargon. Listeners learn about various eCommerce strategies from industry experts, along with tips on hardware, software, and other processes. All over some fresh java.

20. Office Hours WordPress Podcast

Automation is key, whether you’re working with products, data, customers, or even selling through a WordPress site. This podcast shares better ways to blend content management strategies, general organization, and better processes, which can all help your online efforts.

21. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn offers weekly advice and strategy for online business owners or those wanting to give it a try. His money-making approaches include affiliates, site and list building, and finding ways to help others. His definition of ‘helping’ ranges from making more money to avoiding dangerous/unethical sites and practices.

If you have other marketing or eCommerce podcasts that you think deserve credit, let us know on Twitter! If you are need of eCommerce web development or marketing services, email us at [email protected].