25+ Best Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

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Guerrilla marketing is innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

When executed to a tee, these campaigns can be a thing of beauty and drive sales through the roof. We want to walk you through some of our favourite ads we have seen in the last few years. This is our list of the 25+ best guerrilla marketing ideas. Maybe these are ads that caused you to buy a product or this is your first time seeing these creative guerrilla marketing campaigns. Either way, we hope you are inspired by these guerrilla marketing ideas.

Below you will find some of the best advertisements of 2017, some ads from 2018 and even older ones that we think are worthy of attention. Check out all the amazing marketing ideas these companies have conceived to sell their products. We will walk you through our favourite marketing campaigns and maybe this article will help kickstart your marketing ideas. Enjoy all the examples we have assembled for your viewing pleasures. We have provided detailed explanations about our 5 favourite examples of guerrilla marketing. Below that you can find 20+ more amazing guerrilla marketing campaigns we felt deserved recognition.

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1. Sony transforms teeth into their controller buttons to advertise the PlayStation 3

In this amazing, creative guerrilla marketing campaign from Sony, we can see a man smiling with his teeth showing. The simplicity and creativity are breathtaking as the Sony marketing team has replaced the man’s upper front four teeth with the circle, triangle, square and ‘x’ buttons found on a PlayStation controller. This is a great guerrilla marketing example that quickly allows the viewer to understand what brand this campaign comes from and the product they are trying to sell. Given that the PlayStation 3 was one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time, you would have to think a guerrilla marketing campaign this good had something to do with that success.

Sony Playstation guerrilla marketing - a man's upper front four teeth replaced with the circle, triangle, square and ‘x’ buttons found on a controller.

2. Toys’R’Us with a creative guerrilla marketing example for Lego

I think we all have memories from being a child and accidentally stepping on a piece of Lego left out on the floor. This guerrilla marketing campaign by Toys’R’Us shows the ultimate punishment from stepping on Lego and does a great job marketing the product in doing so. The advertisement depicts two feet who have continuously stepped on Lego pieces to the point where they are imprinted in their feet. Ouch! The massive toy company Toys’R’Us is always one to come up with creative guerrilla marketing ideas and this campaign was no different. Check out this fantastic guerrilla marketing campaign by the toy store to sell Lego.

Toys r us lego advertisement

3. A brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign from IBM

Check out this creative guerrilla marketing idea from IBM where they turn their ads into useful urban furniture. What better way to get people to pay attention to you then to make their lives a bit more comfy and convenient. IBM had this insanely creative idea of turning their advertisements into usable outdoor furniture. You can see three different brilliant ads by the massive tech company below. They all share the same message, but each is a different piece of convenient outdoor furniture. They have attached one of their ads to a bench, another was made into a ramp and they even had the ingenious idea of turning one advertisement into an umbrella to stay covered from rain. By placing these guerrilla marketing ads in different strategic locations, IBM was able to capitalize on a ton exposure all the while making people’s outdoor waiting more convenient and even more dry.

IBM marketing

4. A guerrilla marketing campaign to Save the Trees

Sticking a fake dead animal on top of a pole is surefire a way to get attention. And that is exactly what Sarova did with this guerrilla marketing campaign. We would classify this advertisement under the “no publicity is bad publicity” title. Though potentially shocking and some thinking done in poor taste, this advertisement to Save the Trees certainly got people’s attention. It is one of the more daring ads we have ever seen, but we can’t help but deem it a very effective campaign. Shocking guerrilla marketing campaigns like these are very risky but can yield massive rewards.

Save the trees marketing jaguar

5. Brilliant Advertisement by Adidas: Pop-up shop in a shoebox

Have you ever seen a more creative pop-up booth then this brilliant idea courtesy Adidas. The shoe and clothing brand came up with one of the most unique and brilliant marketing strategies ever seen with their shoebox pop-up shop. Quite the mouthful to say! The creative marketing team at Adidas came up with this top-notch idea to create a pop-up shop for customers that looked exactly like one of their signature blue shoeboxes. People lined up to not only get inside the pop-up shop but also to admire the brilliant marketing concept.

Adidas shoebox store

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