3 Post-Pandemic Marketing Ideas for B2C Brands

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What will that new normal look like for retailers? Here are some of our top post-pandemic marketing ideas for B2C brands.

Many of us, depending on where we live, might be feeling like we’re seeing a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. No, it’s not a train, it’s the end of the pandemic. Even though there’s plenty of evidence that COVID-19 will not go away, we’ll be living in a sort of COVID forever scenario and we won’t go back to our old ways, but we will have a new normal.

We’ve compiled some of the best ideas from marketers for how they plan to approach the after-days and picked some of our favorites to share with you:

 1 – Brand hands

Stress balls with your logo on them are so 2010. The 20s will be the decade of the rise of branded hand sanitizers. Never before has handwashing been such a big part of our lives. It used to be only germaphobes who feared handshakes, but now everybody’s worst nightmare seems to be a roving band of superspreaders with jazz hands.

Just as Starbucks infiltrated society by simply letting their starkly contrasting green mermaid logo show up in almost every situation and scenario imaginable (even at funerals!), when your brand is on a hand-sanitizer that sanitizer will start showing up all over the place. There’s nothing like a ubiquitous logo to propel a brand.

2 – The new showroom is the living room

Even before the pandemic, Amazon had already colonized the foreign land known as consumers’ homes with their Alexa device. But since the pandemic pretty much shut down in-person shopping, e-commerce has grown. Still some products are more conducive to ecommerce purchases than others.

Many ecommerce brands thought of their products like stuntmen and jugglers think of their acts…

But brands that used to sell through showrooms and sales floors need to find ways to recreate the retail experience in consumers’ homes. Take a page out of the Warby Parker glasses book and offer home try-ons. Because their products are small and lightweight, shipping multiples and letting customers try them out, sending back what they don’t want and keeping the frames they do want. Many e-commerce customers already do this, ordering two or three sizes of a piece of clothing or pair of shoes, only to send back whatever doesn’t fit. Optimize your processes for home try-on and you can make this phenomenon a part of your brand so that you become known for home try-ons.

3 – Nostalgia for all things pre-pandemic

You know how people suddenly started to feel like George W. Bush was less of a doofus after Trump was elected and longed for the old days? This kind of nostalgia for times you didn’t even think were that good in the moment has kicked into overdrive already.

This is great news for advertisers, giving us an easy way to dial up the emotion in all our advertising. Brands have been using nostalgia for years, but now it’s almost too easy. Just mention the good old days of maskless gatherings of more than 10 people, rampant hugging and handshakes, and visiting grandma at the senior living center without putting on a hazmat suit and you’ll have customers eating out of the well-sanitized palms of your hands.

Will just applying one of these ideas magically bring you success and have your company growing tenfold in 2022? As we should have learned from this pandemic, nothing is a sure bet. But you’ll surely improve your marketing and build your brand by simply executing any one of these tactics. And, you’ll definitely see improvement if you put all three to work for your brand.

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