3 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Social Media Presence

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With 70% of adults using social media, growing your company’s online presence is a must. Here’s how to do just that.

With nearly 70% of all adults in the United States using at least one social media platform each day, strategically positioning your company online is mission-critical. However, the key to leveraging your social media presence to drive higher customer acquisition and improve customer retention revolves around your company’s ability to be innovative and cutting-edge. Simply posting content for the sake of having something on your timeline will not help you maximize your online reach. Instead, having a forward-thinking approach that incorporates using new social media features and showcasing customer testimonials are proven ways to stay ahead of the crowd. According to the digital marketing experts at Response Mine Health, here are the top three ways you can take your company’s social media presence to a new level.

Create a Brand Voice

Although this seems like an obvious thing to do, many companies fail to establish what image they want their social media profiles to reflect. This includes not just the pictures and logos you use, but also the type of messaging you put on your pages. You want your social media posts to be consistent both in design and in with the tone you use in all of your other marketing materials. For example, if your email campaigns, website copy, and print marketing materials all have a very conversational tone, then you want your social media content to do the same. Without this “marketing consistency,” it may be hard for your customers to make the connection and recognize your brand when they see it in different channels.

Use Video More Often

As social media feeds become saturated with content, having your posts stick out is becoming harder to do. Not to mention that most social media users prefer to watch a short video over reading, finding ways to incorporate more videos in your posts is key. And, since 85% of internet users spend at least an hour every day watching online videos, this could be the best way to attract and connect with your target audience. By using live video features on Facebook and Instagram, you can quickly create real-time video content that gives your customers a glimpse into your brand. These videos can be spontaneous or planned and are great ways to tell your brand story. For example, going live at company events, interviewing employees or even sharing customer video testimonials can all be used to engage your social media following.

Offer Incentives

Whether you encourage your customers to send in videos of themselves using your product or invite them to caption a funny photo, getting your audience excited and interested in what you post is important. Online contests, including free giveaways for sharing your content or inviting friends to follow your page, are amazing tactics to build your brand on social media. The more enticing and easier to enter you can make your contests, the more engagement you will be able to generate. Using ads to promote your online contests can also be an effective way to drive more traffic to your social media pages and reach a larger audience.

When it comes to what you can do on social media, the sky’s the limit. The important thing is to put yourself in the mind of your target audience and find ways to tap into their interests and needs. By posting a wide variety of content on a consistent basis, you can easily grow your brand and boost your page engagement.

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