3 Web Design Projects That Agencies Will Line Up To Get

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So you need a website designed and you’ve decided to find an agency to build it for you. Great. The world is your oyster. You just need to put your feelers out there and sit back and wait for the world’s top web design agencies to come knocking on your door asking if they can have the honor of being your web design agency, right?

If that sounds like a fantasy, that’s because it is. Most projects have limits—budgetary limits, creative limits, and time limits—that, in turn, limit the kinds of agencies that will even inquire about handling them.

Then there are other factors to consider, for instance, if you’ve got a niche B2B company that makes replacement lenses for mall security cameras in the southwest Michigan area, you probably aren’t going to attract the superstar design agencies to your website design project.

So what are the kinds of projects that will attract the top agencies? And what will draw the best work out of these agencies? What kind of work excites the most talented designers, the most creative copywriters, the sharpest developers? Keep reading to see.

1. The Award Magnet

An agency that sees awards in their future if they take on your project will be banging down your door to take on your project. Awards are like currency for agencies, not just because they pad the egos of the creative and strategic teams that win them. Awards help agencies get known and get new business.

So what types of projects get agencies the recognition they desire? The easiest path to the red carpet and awards is to build websites for entertainment properties. Is it cheating to build a website for the latest blockbuster superhero movie with millions of rabid fans visiting regularly hoping to get a chance to see previews and teasers? Of course. Is it really the web design that brings adoring fans to the latest album release website when a pop megastar announces that she’ll be dropping an album on their site? Nope. But, these opportunities to do something cool and buzzworthy are still priceless for agencies. They all want to be able to use these projects as a calling card.

Maybe you’re not releasing a tentpole movie or the latest Beyoncé song, but if you’ve got an entertainment property of any type (a popular YouTube channel, a podcast, etc.), you can use that as a starting point to build your website around. In the right hands, a bit of entertaining media can be the kernel of an award-winning site and great agencies know this. 

2. Remixes, Remakes, and Reboots

There really is nothing new under the sun. There’s a reason remixes, remakes and reboots dominate music, TV and movies. As theorists like Kurt Vonnegut have noted, there really are only a few basic stories that we keep telling over and over in new ways.

So what does this have to do with attracting a great web design agency? Creative people love putting a new and unexpected twist on an old concept. It allows creators to put their own spin on things. Ask a filmmaker like James Cameron to reimagine the New Testament and you get the Terminator movies. Ask Alfonso Cuarón to reimagine the New Testament and you get Children of Men. Great web design agencies are always on the lookout for opportunities to reimagine a business or industry. If you can offer an agency the freedom to put a fresh spin on what’s expected for a website for your industry, you involve creative people in the one thing that they crave even more than fame, glory and money, and that’s being involved in a truly creative process.

3. The Missing Link

So far we’ve talked about some pretty specific types of projects, the kind that get a lot of attention either because they’re tied to some popular entertainment property or some kind of hot consumer product. 

But what if you don’t have an exciting project like those? Can you still attract the agencies with the most talented web designers and get them excited about your project? What if you don’t have a glamor project? What if you’re not putting a new spin on something? Is there any hope of attracting the best of the best? There is if you can fill a hole in a great agency’s portfolio.

A great portfolio is a great agency’s calling card. After all, when a prospective client is looking for an agency, they often want to see projects similar to theirs. Maybe you are doing the same thing, looking for the agencies that did a great job with your competitors’ websites. But, attracting the best might mean doing the opposite, and looking for agencies who have not worked in your industry.

As much as a great portfolio can make an agency invincible, a hole in the portfolio can be an agency’s Achilles’ heel. The best agencies know where these holes in their portfolio lie and are always on the lookout for a project that will let them fill these holes. Whether that’s a web design agency with great B2B work but doesn’t have much B2C experience, or a niche agency that specializes on one type of client and wants to expand, if you can be the pioneering client who takes the agency into a new industry, business-type, or niche, then you can enjoy the advantages of being the hot new desirable client that all of the agency’s top talent wants to work on.

Your turn

These are just a few of the ways you can attract the top agencies to working on your business. But how do you even let these agencies know you’re looking for a web design agency? Put your request on TDA in the form of a project and we’ll put your brief out to our network of over 7,000 of the world’s top digital agencies. You’ll get responses from agencies that can deliver what you need on time and on budget in just a few clicks. Contact us today to get started.