3 Web Development Projects Agencies Should Consider in 2021

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Each year, technology advances by leaps and bounds. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends in programming. That’s why we decided to break down 3 kinds of web development projects that agencies should consider in the near future.

Sometimes, technology’s evolution can feel like it happens overnight. Sometimes, it happens more slowly, but still, that may mean it happens across a few months, which is still not much time in the grand scheme of things. Phones and computers improve, new video game consoles come out, websites come into vogue and descend into obscurity in little to not time at all. However, there is a way to keep in touch with trends that are emerging or beginning to establish themselves rapidly—by considering the ways in which people use technology, and the ways that big tech companies are shaping the internet itself.

Amazon Alexa personal home assistant on a stack of books.

Voice Search Optimization

Ten years ago, could you have imagined that by 2020, 40% of US households would have an Alexa smart assistant in their homes? Well, by 2025 that percentage is expected to rise to 70-75% of US households. It’s shocking to realize just how far technology has come in just 10 years.

It’s not just Alexas or Google Home units that people are getting comfortable using, but also smartphones’ personal assistants, which are voice activated and controlled via voice commands. Clearly, people have gotten used to barking orders at their poor virtual assistants, via smartphones, Amazon Alexas, Google Homes, or just about any other voice-activated device.

For all these reasons, a cutting edge web development agency should be working on both voice search optimization and the creation of voice search software utilities. Optimizing for voice search requires people with new skills. These people understand the way users search with their voice. Voice search optimizers understand “shorthand” spoken commands and the intent behind each command. The main mystery to solve, in the case of voice search optimizers, is how to properly link spoken keywords with the web pages they’re trying to get ranked for voice search. Surely, over time, skilled individuals will solve these problems and establish themselves as industry leaders in this new field of integrated technology. Why shouldn’t you be the first?

Person browsing pexels stock photo website on a smartphone.

Mobile First Web Development

Today, it seems that most of the world has a mobile device that can access the internet. In 2020, there were approximately 6 billion mobile phone users in the world. Due to this staggering number alone, it’s clear that mobile web browsing is more prevalent than ever before, and is the primary way people interact with the internet.

Due to this staggering statistic alone, it should be clear that mobile first web development needs to be the focus when developing a website or web application. If people can’t quickly, simply, and securely access the websites they wish to access, they’re not as likely to return or become a regular visitor/user. What was once a secondary priority in website development should be the main focus, followed closely by the web-native version of the website, of course.

A person using the mobile version of a website in front of the desktop version of the website.

Responsive Website Development

Representing both web and mobile versions of your website simultaneously, with an equal amount of care and consideration, is the core goal of responsive website development. As we noted above, mobile phones with access to the internet are only increasing, with an estimated 7 billion mobile web users emerging by 2023.

If you’re a web developer with a basic understanding of the way websites have been developed for the better part of a decade, then it’s likely you already understand the principles of responsive web development. However, those who are not familiar with web development may not know how important it is to build websites that look good and function well on both mobile phone browsers’ parameters and the parameters of desktop/laptop web browsers. What looks good, and fits well on a widescreen desktop or laptop computer, will not look good or fit a mobile phone. Therefore, when coding the website, web developers will essentially create two “versions” of the website—one that is optimized for mobile, and one that is optimized for desktop computers or laptops. If you’re running a web development agency, or beginning to learn web development your self, it’s imperative that you understand and consider responsive web design any time you take on a new web development project.

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