4 Top Challenges of Using Python With Solutions

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Today Python has become the priority for web developers. Still, there are a number of challenges that a Python developer has to face.

Understanding Python

Python is a user-friendly high-level language used for data analysis, AI, backend development. It is an open-source language and is considered one of the easiest languages to learn.

It is known to have a shallow learning curve. Many developers today have made Python the core expertise due to the increasing demand for the same in the industry.

Python has varied benefits that have made it one of the most trending programming languages in 2021. Python, once used by the developers, comes out to be the most favourable language for developing web apps and desktop applications. Today Python has become the priority for web developers and has proved out to be the most preferred career option. Here are some of the features of Python:

1. Python is beginner-friendly

2. Increased flexibility compared to other languages

3. Python has a large community

4. Integrated Development Environment

Still, there are a number of challenges that a python developer has to face.

Challenges with solutions

1. The development environment

Python is a high-level programming language that needs an appropriate development environment to complete its various tasks. A competent environment makes python work amazingly smooth that provides great outcomes. Many developers find it difficult to create one as such it makes it difficult to adapt to it.

Solution: Instead, opt for an Integrated Development environment that comes with Python itself. It is an automated tool that helps developers to perform varied functions. It will eventually lead to faster and more smooth development.

2. Compiling complex codes

Developers often get confused as to what code must be written to match the desired functionality. We all know that Python initiates different functionalities for different codes. In all this, there arises the need for compiling complex codes.

Solution: Instead, opt for an AutoComplete feature for making the code sorted. This feature comes as an inbuilt feature that further helps the assortment of data types and variables automatically. Such classification helps reduce errors and makes it go smoothly and operational.

3. Executing the script

The high-level language brings in various features that make it a comprehensive solution. It requires working on various tasks simultaneously. Many developers find it difficult to work on them while performing other tasks.

Solution: Opt for Shell Script that comes inbuilt with Python programming. Python helps developers to come up with solutions singlehandedly without creating any difficulties.

4. Code debugging

Python developers who might have worked on the coding, working on the syntax may bring on complications. Code debugging makes it a little complex for beginners to actually handle the programming problems.

Solution: Python being an open-source high-level language provides a user-friendly approach. It provides a dynamic programming language that helps highlight and rectify the errors in time.


Python is a trending language that has many features but it comes with some complexities too. Being an open-source language it is backed by a large community of developers who are constantly helping out the python family to grow stronger and better. A Python development company brings in various tools and techniques to make scraping, automation, and machine learning an easier and more manageable task.