4 Winning Content Marketing Trends to Follow for Breakthrough Success in 2021

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We are halfway through 2021 already, and many businesses are still struggling to make a solid mark in the online world. So, what is the rescue plan?

We are halfway through 2021 already, and many businesses are still struggling to make a solid mark in the online world. So, what is the rescue plan? Well, you need to think out of the box! We all know having a website is crucial, but what are your thoughts about the content? Google keeps on rolling new updates and algorithms, with a core focus on content to ensure a seamless web experience. Over the past few years, several organizations are making sound investments in content marketing. But, the ground reality is, what worked last year might not have a strong stand this year. So, companies must stay updated with the latest content marketing trends to staying an edge over the competitors.

This post will highlight the list of top content marketing trends that will help in increasing your brand’s popularity in the online world. Let us read out the details.


Personalized Content Is Winning Hearts

Want to win your customer’s hearts? Embed personalized content! Customers like it when brands understand their pain points. Customer’s expectations have changed over the years, and they expect the brand to understand their requirements and provide them with a better web experience. The recent tech stats revealed that personalization can boost sales opportunities up to 20%. So, it is worth considering! Personalization depends on the data, so the more data you have about the customers, the more efficiently you can create meaningful content. Gather data like – customer’s priority, demographics, objections, and more. So, considering the graphs, you should create a campaign that fits into the parameters and helps in boosting the brand while enhancing the customer experience.


Voice Search Will Evolve

Searching without typing has been the biggest pleasure for customers shopping online, thanks to voice technology! Simply asking the voice assistant to search for things you wish to explore without even touching the phone. It’s amazing to see that! Some recent figures revealed that voice search accounts for 25%, and it is expected to grow in the coming years. Considering the changes and updates in voice technology, brands need to change the content strategies to align with the changes. For example – focus on long-tail keywords can help in enhancing the voice search experience. So, try experimenting with new things!


Influencer Marketing Is Revolutionary

The magic of influencer marketing has provided great results for the brands. The unbelievable fact is that 92% of users buy products or opt for services simply on the recommendation of an influencer. The success of influencer marketing depends on how the brand uses it. Nowadays, brands are focusing more on quality rather than quantity. Earlier, the focus was on the number of endorsements a brand receives, but now it has shifted to the quality and trustworthiness of the influencer. To strategize your influencer marketing technique, understand the criteria of influencers and create a campaign targeting the influencers. Track whole data of the influencers whom you wish to track and make your investments accordingly. Continue this and establish a cordial relationship with the influencers for long-term collaboration.


Embracing Power of Live Video

Using videos for brand marketing is not a new concept. Just like video content, brands are now making efficient use of live videos and receiving a great amount of love. Live videos stand quite powerful, especially if you wish to reach the global market. A brand can easily highlight its products and services just like a trade show and engage with the audiences directly on the platform. Users can directly share their responses on the live session and let you know how they are feeling about the particular product or service. So, you can interact live and open with the audiences and address their queries without any hassles. Brands can also use influencers to endorse the brands on live sessions. This makes the whole conversation more realistic and influential.


Wrapping Up!

Remember, trends are not everything, but the fact is you cannot ignore them if you wish to survive in this competitive online market. If you are still looking for ways to shine bright in the year 2021, then following these content marketing trends will surely pave a successful road for your business. Also, keep an eye on your competitors to bring something unique on the platforms for your audiences. It will surely help you go a long way. Good luck!