5 Brand New Mac Mini Features for 2018 Model

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Apple’s latest desktop computer, the Mac Mini has received an innovative update. Here are the top features and specifications to look out for.

Today, we are starting a new series to cover some of the latest technology products and releases on the market. On November 7th, Apple launched its latest version of a mini desktop computer. The 2018 mac mini is as revolutionary as its famous predecessor. The 2018 mac mini is as revolutionary as its famous predecessor. Apple has introduced a wide range of new features into this latest unit. A tech-savvy computer expert might wonder if these features make the mac mini a competitor for other small computers. The mac mini does not disappoint. Here are the best new Mac mini features for the 2018 model. 

High Customizability 

Apple offers the mac mini in a wide range of configurations and prices. They offer multiple processor types and a wide range of storage options. As new components become available, Apple also makes them available for the mac mini. This ensures that as time goes by the mac mini can be updated for new equipment. The options also feature several functional budget components. This can bring the cost down considerably, without unreasonable loss of power. This customization ensures that the mac mini can fit any buyers needs and budget.

Faster Processors

Your Mac mini will be far faster than its predecessor. Even the most economical processor is five times faster than the best of the last generation of Mac minis. It also features more RAM and more memory. Equipped with the latest 8th generation Intel chips, this computer is faster in every way from processing to its visual graphics. This ensures that your mac mini will not only be impressive now, but it will remain a fast and powerful computer in the future.

New Design

The Mac mini features a striking and efficient exterior design. While not smaller than the previousMacc mini, the new mini features a “space gray” color. This differentiates it from the original mac mini, which came in Apple silver. The all-aluminum also hides an additional design feature. It is made of 100 percent recycled aluminum. This, along with recycled plastic elsewhere in the device, makes the mac mini environmentally friendly.

T2 Chip

The mini mac also features the T2 security chip. Apple computers have traditionally enjoyed protection from hackers and viruses since their programming is proprietary. The T2 chip enforces this security. It secures the device’s boot up when the computer might be vulnerable. It also offers on the fly encryption to better protect your data. While you may never notice the T2 working, its success will be proved by the countless hours of security breach free use you get out of the mac mini.

SSD Drive

The mac mini now offers solid state hard drives as standard on all models. These SSD drives store data without a moving disk, as in traditional hard drives. An SSD drive can load data faster since it is not dependent on how fast a disk can be spun. No moving parts also means less heat, noise, and chance of serious errors. The market as a whole is in transition over to these SSD drives. The mac mini has put itself in the head of the market by offering nothing but SSD drives in the entire line.

The mac mini features many state-of-the-art features. The unit is highly customizable for your needs and budget. The mac mini features faster processors than its predecessor. It features a new design that it better for the environment. The T2 chip makes the mac mini one of the safest computers on the market. The mac mini now comes with only more efficient SSD drives. These features make the mac mini one of the best small computers on the market.