5 Fintech Articles We Love

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This week, we decided to share 5 Fintech articles we love, and hope you’ll love too.

The Fintech Market – Blue Ocean for Opportunities

“In this interview, we will discuss the current trends in Fintech and how the market adopts it.”

Author Agency: Upplabs
Article Link: Full article here.


Top Innovative FinTech Software Solutions Revolutionizing Business World

“Learn about innovative software solutions in the Finance Industry.”

Author Agency: CodeRiders
Article Link: Full article here.


How to Create a Good UX in Fintech Apps?

“The best premise in UX is creating apps that you would NOT be too lazy to use.”

Article Link: Full article here.


Why You Should Use Ruby on Rails for Your Fintech Project

“Learn why Ruby on Rails is the key for your next Fintech project.”

Author Agency: COAX Software
Article Link: Full article here.


5 Ways Software Outsourcing Helps FinTech Startups Compete and Win

“To compete, FinTech startups must execute and innovate quickly. Software outsourcing offers the speed, flexibility, quality, and cost savings they need.”

Author Agency: Distillery
Article Link: Full article here.


We hope that you find these articles interesting, and learn some more about Fintech along the way.