5 Innovative Ecommerce Development Solutions To up Profit

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There are many innovative ideas that you can launch on your e-commerce store through development.

Innovation is key to standing out and staying ahead of the curve. E-commerce also needs innovative ideas to boost profit margins and get ready for the next-gen changes.

It’s forecased that this industry is going to be worth $6.54 trillion in 2022. So, it’s high time to maximize the visibility of your e-store, which is vital to gain the leading position among hundreds of competitors.

Certainly, innovation can help you to get more and more customers in no time.

Here are a few tips to fuel innovation in your e-commerce store development.

1. Personalise and customise UX

Personalisation is to deliver what customers require and customisation is adapting your products or services to their requirements.

Industry experts believe that these two are the foremost requirements for taking user experience to the next level. A report suggests that 76% of buyers view personalization as proof of how much the brand values them.

So, here are a few tips to personalise and customise your ecommerce solutions:

  • Create personalized homepages for users
  • Offer customized guides based on their browsing history
  • Display recently viewed items, creating a visual memory of what they previously visited
  • Personalise product pages as per their locations
  • Create contextual marketing campaigns based on their behavior
  • Let them feel that you care for them via personal emails
  • Come with personal recommendations

2. Integrate Voice Searches

Voice search allows users to discover what they are looking for on the internet through their digital devices. It is becoming popular because of the ability to show up more search items in a shorter time than with typed search.

Integrating voice searches during ecommerce development can attract millions of customers. It is simply because of the benefits that users get through this advanced feature, which are:

  • Greater engagement
  • A personalised shopping experience based on shopping behaviours and habits
  • To post reviews in no time, which are helpful for others
  • Shorter search time

3. Design mobile apps and launch e-wallet

Mobile applications are all around because of their reach and popularity. Around 64% of people switch to their mobile phones for purchasing over the internet. Besides, e-wallet apps are no less popular than mobile applications, as they make payments easier.

The following benefits of these apps show all the concrete reasons to launch them on your e-store:

  • Shoppers prefer mobile apps over any web applications
  • These apps improve customer loyalty, as they come with highly secure features allowing easy-buy
  • These apps take less response time as compared to the websites.
  • They improve conversion rates and user experience
  • In-built GPS, microphone & camera multiply engagement

4. Use big data analytics

Big data analytics is the process of using large data sets to track valuable hidden patterns, indicating market trends, customer preferences and much more. These derivatives help to make optimal business decisions. The merchant knows his customers well and even predicts their requirements.

In short, these analytics elevates online selling business through the power of making accurate predictions. Precisely, advanced analytics prove advantages because you can easily:

  • Give better customer support
  • Optimise pricing
  • Foresee demand
  • Analyse sentiments of buyers
  • Define personalized experience
  • Monitor and track shopper’s buying experience

5. Use AI to improve searches

Gartner study predicts that customers will manage 85% of their business relationships without a human touch by 2022.

Simply put, AI can dramatically uplift an online store through its incredible capacity while augmenting growth and opportunities. You can even provide better search results through Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Besides, these benefits can improve your profit margin:

  • You can define a customer-centric visual search feature
  • Use data analytics get you to leads
  • Use chatbots to offer 24*7 support and personalised experiences
  • Manage inventory strategically without worries
  • Detect cyber frauds using algorithms

These are a few innovations that you can try to launch on your e-commerce website for noticing an uncertain flow of traffic and leads coming your way.