5 Reasons Content Marketing is Vital to Your Business Success

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Working with a content marketing agency is an excellent way to grow your brand.

It can help your company:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Find the right employees
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Gain visibility
  • Convert leads to sales; and
  • Reduce customer churn

I know all that because marketing through content is a huge part of my own marketing efforts, and I’ve seen results first hand.

With that said, here’s some specific reasons why content marketing is important.

  • Content marketing is a long-term, scalable strategy
  • Iallows you to nurture leads and then convert them
  • Content marketing helps drive other marketing efforts
  • It provides one of the best opportunities to educate potential customers and clients
  • Content marketing can be the most cost-efficient marketing strategy you employ

It’s Scalable

There is no reason that content marketing must be synonymous with blogging on your company website (although you can use it that way, certainly).

You can use content to drive marketing efforts across multiple channels, such as on YouTube or Instagram. Moreover, it’s the foundation of all your offline collateral too.

Content Marketing Allows You to Nurture Leads and Then Convert Them

Have you ever tried selling something to someone the moment you meet them? It’s like asking someone to marry you the first time you set eyes upon them.

99.9% of people will be automatically repulsed, and you’ll get a resounding “no.” That’s because they don’t know you, don’t like you, and absolutely don’t trust you.

This type of marketing gives you the opportunity to allow your customers and clients the chance to get to know you … to begin to like you … and eventually to trust you.

It Helps Drive Other Marketing Efforts

I mentioned this a bit above, but let me ask you something.

How effective do you think you’ll be running a social media campaign, a Facebook ads campaign, or a PPC campaign on Google or Bing without content?

Don’t you need to have headlines that convert? Images that convert (on Facebook), and ads with great text that converts?

Take all the tech stuff out of the picture, the business consoles, the algorithms, and what do you have left?

The answer is content. And, what did Bill Gates say?

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” Content is King – Essay by Bill Gates 1996

Marketing Through Content Provides One of the Best Opportunities to Educate Potential Customers and Clients

Content, whether through your blog, through guest posts in well-known publications, through videos etc. gives you the chance to explain the ins and outs of your services and products in an engaging manner.

For instance, say you’re a high tech company that has uber technical jargon associated with your products.

In that case, you can use content to provide customers with a clear picture of what your product does in language they understand.

Content Marketing Can Be the Most Cost-Efficient Marketing Strategy You Employ

Because content marketing can be used to rank your company blog (or videos) way on up there in Google’s search results over time, it’s possible to eventually bring in much more traffic than you would by paying for it.

For example, you might get a flood of traffic to your company website by using Facebook or Google, but you’d better have a hefty budget because you can bet your competitors are doing the same thing.

In contrast, not everyone is investing in content marketing and using it to grow their brands. If you’re willing to be patient and have a commitment to consistency, you could end up pulling in a tremendous amount of traffic entirely for free.