5 Reasons to Launch Your Food Delivery App in the US

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There are several ways to approach your food delivery app development from the custom app development method to the app cloning approach.

The online food-delivery business is set to become a super business vertical to a hefty $200 billion by 2025. This prediction saw an upward jump recently due to the global Coronavirus pandemic spread. It may sound weird that when all other industries in the US and the entire American economy collectively see a significant fall, grocery and food delivery businesses are the only ones who survived but thrived in this condition.

If you think about it, it’s not that complicated. People are still working, and they still need food to survive. So what benefited the food delivery business so much? It’s the rule of social distancing that played the catalyst in this perfect storm of an opportunity.

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Due to the social distancing norms, people in the US would rather order their food and essential items online to be delivered to them rather than going out and risk catching the virus.

Now it’s time to look at the top reasons to start a food delivery app in the US. Let’s check them out!

5 Reasons to Start a Food Delivery Business App in the US

The fact that everyone loves food is reason enough to venture into this business vertical. But, if you need some more prominent and potential reasons to head into starting a food delivery app like UberEats or GrubHub, here are five reasons.

1. Exponential Growth – It’s the only market that will go up.

Food is probably the only commodity that will never see a fall in demand. On the contrary, with every passing year, there are more and more consumers and higher scope of a business, especially in a food-loving country like America.

You may buy a house once in your life, a car probably thrice, clothes maybe once a couple of months. But you need food at least three times a day, making it the most consumed commodity in the world. So, investing in a food delivery app like UberEatsand GrubHub in 2020 will be the best decision you can make in starting a food delivery business in the US.

2. Most Popular Apps – Second only to social media apps.

The American people are all on their smartphones; there is no life without phones. According to research, on average, a mobile user spends almost 3-4 hours on their phone. So, if you wish to get the prime time of their viewing towards your business, you need to reach them where their eyes are looking, their smartphone screens.

The most popular app category that people access is social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With Coronavirus and the changing times, a close second comes in on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats and GrubHub.

It’s so easy nowadays. You don’t need to call the restaurant’s number and yell at the top of your voice just to get your order made wrong. Just choose from the dishes shown in the app, add any specifications, and pay online. In most cases, your food is delivered within an hour of you ordering.

3. Multiple Flow of Revenue – Earn your revenue from several means.

If you own a restaurant or food joint, you know that with a significant staff, property, and maintenance cost; your only revenue source is the people who visit your joint and eat there. That is not the case with an UberEats clone food delivery app solution.

If you create a food delivery app for your restaurant, there is more than one way to make a considerable revenue from your online food delivery business model. Some of the most prominent means of revenue would be:

Delivery Charges

If you are offering a contactless and safe home delivery service for your customers, then it obviously will cost you a bit more than the actual price of the dish. That’s where you can add a little delivery charge, which will seem fair and nominal in comparison to the service you provide but, in the long run, be a significant means of revenue in your food delivery business model.

Commission Rates

If you don’t own a food joint but are simply providing a digital app platform for food joints to sell their food to people, you can benefit from this model. For every order made on your food delivery app platform, you get a small commission, which will add up to a significant earning by the end of the day.


Once your app gets a large audience base, you have a hidden power. Besides the fact that a large audience base means more business, they are also a large group of potential buyers for each of the restaurant lists in your app.

The food joints would have to compete with each other to gain more customers in your app. By providing them ad space in your app, you can give them a higher chance of visibility and good revenue from the ad model.

Peak Hours

Just like Uber charges surge price for taxi rides in peak hours, you can also set peak hours in breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. For instance, if someone orders a meal at 9 PM (your dinner peak hour), you can charge them 10-20% extra on order.

This practice has a divided audience, some like this approach, while many are against it. So, it’s up to you whether to apply it or not.

4. Corona Boost – Food Delivery Services a rare business that is profiting in 2020.

With the Coronavirus increasingly widespread around the world, the lives of people have changed. This change if not for good, will at least be there for a year or two. For months almost the entire world was under lockdown with people and businesses all coming to a halt.

Now, almost everything is closed except for essential services. People can’t live without food or water. Hence it was the only industry that kept running.

Once the target audience of food delivery services were the people who didn’t have time to cook or go out to eat. Now, with people practicing social distancing, self-quarantine, the target market is everyone. Most people now require home deliveries.

Hence the food-delivery startups maintaining the sanitization rules and contact-less delivery are in demand more than ever. These food delivery app services are catering to more orders than ever.

If you already have a restaurant or a food delivery service in place, developing a food delivery app like UberEats or GrubHub would significantly multiply your customer base.

This is the perfect time to build a food delivery app like UberEats or GrubHub. And the best part is that you can do it safely from home by outsourcing to a good app development company.

5. Competition Means Potential – High competition means that the market is lucrative.

Tell me one thing, why would every guy in high-school try to date a cheerleader? Because she would be the most beautiful girl in the school. It’s a simple rule of business, higher the competition, more lucrative the business.

With people maintaining social distancing, the food delivery business seems to be getting a lot of attention. There would be many new food delivery service startups that could launch in a few months, but speed is the name of the game here.

If you are able to launch your food delivery service app within a month or earlier, you’ll have the advantage of being the industry-first here. The best way to launch a food delivery app in less than a month is with UberEats clone or GrubHub clone app development.

Which Are the Best Food Delivery Apps?

Here are the most popular food delivery apps that could be your role models in building your own food delivery app.

  • UberEats
  • GrubHub
  • DoorDash
  • Postmates
  • Zomato

Make Your Food Delivery App Like UberEats & Grubhub

There are several ways to approach your food delivery app development from the custom app development method to the app cloning approach. If you want a quick yet highly functional app development approach, building the app using an UberEats clone development approach.