5 Strategies to Improve PPC for Your Law Firm

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Did you know if you are a Medical Malpractice Attorney you could spend $487.50 per click for the phrase “Birth Injury Attorney Chicago” on Google?

That is not $487.50 for a month or week-long campaign. That is for one prospect to click once on your website.

While not every niche is that expensive, many personal injury attorneys regularly pay $100 or more per click in larger cities to generate targeted traffic. With so much money at stake, attorneys find it crucial to optimize your campaign for success. That is why we want to explore how you can use PPC for your law firm.

Five Strategies to Improve PPC for Law Firms


Let’s start with the end in mind. Instead of creating the ad, create the landing page first. Then you can take components of the landing page to create your Google ad. That way, users get a consistent experience across your entire campaign.

For instance, if your ad on Google talks about how to get more money from a medical malpractice suit, then your landing page should not be a general contact form. If your prospects have to search for information about you, they might find another attorney instead.

Furthermore, without a relevant landing page that interests your audience, metrics like time on site and page visits could negatively affect your Quality Score. Google AdWords uses your Quality Score as part of your cost-per-click equation.

Google’s goal is to send users to high-quality websites. Whether it is a paid or organic campaign, it is vital they help users. Otherwise, users will use another search engine.


Not all keywords drive the same value to your business. For example, an attorney who uses a keyword like “personal injury attorneys” might have less success than an attorney who uses a specific long-tail keyword like “top personal injury law firm in Chicago.”

As you continue running ppc campaigns look at which keywords drive the highest click-through rate for the lowest bid amount. Then dump the ones that don’t work.

Also, do not forget to use negative keywords for your campaign. Negative keywords ensure your ads do not show low converting phrases. For instance, you might want to make words like “cheap” and “free” negative keywords. Most attorneys avoid freeloaders or bargain basement customers when they pay for ads. You can use negative keywords to find higher quality prospects.


A broad match campaign is excellent if you want a bigger audience. The challenge is you end up getting a lot of low-quality conversion rates when you use broad match search parameters.

Since we want to optimize your Google AdWords campaign to find the highest converting keywords to keep your Quality Score up, we might want to place some limits on our campaign. To keep your campaign manageable, you should use a modified broad search instead of a broad match.

It is easy to do. You need to add a “+” in front of your keywords. Google automatically restricts your ad results to keywords with that specific phrase in the search.

For instance, you can add “+chicago+personal+injury+attorney,” so keywords match the combination of keywords in that phrase.


Google AdWords is pushing extensions hard on advertisers. That is because adding extensions like sitelinks or call extensions can increase your conversions by 10-15% according to the search giant.

Adding extensions to your ads are in the best interest of your campaign. They give users more ways to interact with your ad and provide additional information before a visitor comes to your website. The targeted information makes the experience more engaging, so they want to learn more about your services.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to use at least one or two extensions in your Google Ad campaigns. Test which ones give you the greatest return on your investment.


Speaking of extensions, we want to go further on specific lead generation strategy: Click to Call Extensions. When you run a mobile campaign it is imperative that you make the phone number clickable on your mobile ad campaigns.

That way, potential clients can call you directly from their smartphones. Google reported that 76% of people who search for a product or service nearby visit the business within a day. You need to leverage the power of this traffic to improve leads to your law firm.

If you use Click to Call extensions, use it in combination with targeting specific zip codes. For instance, you might not want to focus on the entire city of Chicago. Maybe you want traffic from the 3 or 4 zip codes in your immediate area where you get the majority of your clients. The Click to Call mobile campaign makes it easy for them to call you on their mobile device.

Final Thoughts

The competition for Google AdWords is intense for attorneys. Therefore, you need an edge to get the highest number of clients for the lowest investment.