5 Top Digital Agency Computer Gaming Projects

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We love computer gaming at Top Digital Agency, and our Top Digital Agencies have worked on some amazing computer gaming projects. Here are a few that inspired us.

Computer gaming has become a legitimate and influential industry in the past decade. That isn’t to say computer gaming wasn’t influential before, but as the world becomes more and more digitally focused, computer gaming has become a critical element of the global mainstream and cultural zeitgeist.

So, come with us as we take you on a little journey through the best computer gaming projects from the top digital agencies on the TDA platform.


Team17 has been a major influence in the indie gaming industry since the company’s founding. Framework Design was approached by Team17 to redesign the indie game company’s website that would properly reflect their fun and energetic personality.

We think they did an excellent job at capturing the spirit of indie gaming and of Team17, but you can see that for yourself in their case study.

Read the case study here.


Computer gaming can be fun alone, but is definitely amplified as an experience when playing with friends. Legionfarm, a project by Embacy, aimed to create a platform to empower gamers to play with strangers (who could become friends) and even the pros.

Read the case study here.

A Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform

Recently the world has seen a trend of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) showing the masses what Blockchains are capable of (as ledgers), this project didn’t utilize NFTs, necessarily, but did implement the cross-over between online and offline gaming assets via the Blockchain.

Arateg built their client a blockchain ecosystem that would integrate into a simple front-end web application.

Read the case study here.

MyDubrovnik Game

Computer gaming and marketing can be blended together to create a truly unique experience when handled correctly. We believe Async Labs did a great job at showing off the features and beauty of Dubrovnik, Croatia, in a computer gaming environment.

Read the case study here.


As computer gaming has evolved, it grew out of public spaces such as arcades. However, arcades were a great place to socialize, meet fellow gamers, and have some variety in the games one can play. These days, as computer gaming integrated into home life, arcades have closed down and gamers have lost these amazing places.

Quizzar, an app created by MIRAKI TECHNOLOGIES, brings arcades to mobile gaming in a relatively similar experience.

Read the case study here.

These computer gaming case studies can be found on Top Digital Agency. Check out the case study archive for more similar case studies.