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5 Types of Links You Should Never Build

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Link building is an essential part of off-page SEO. We must learn how to craft a healthy link building strategy in order to stay ethical throughout the process.

A few years ago link building was the backbone of off-page SEO, while the scope of off-page SEO has got a lot wider link building still remains a very important part of it. One cannot deny, still, the importance of backlinks given that they are natural, approved, and authoritative and so this is what today’s blog will revolve around.

While we mention the importance of link building one should not get carried away and get obsessive with backlinks. Like every practice backlinking also has its DO’s and DONTs, quite naturally. Since the release of Google update penguin, there have been a number of restrictions on link building tactics and getting carried away can get your website penalized, believe me, you don’t want that.

So over here we have decided to list some very important DONTs of link building, so you may not indulge yourself in any activity regarding backlinks deemed unethical by Google, by mistake of course.

Give Your Homepage Some Rest

It is a very common mistake when it comes to link building, people tend to link everything to their home page. Come on people you didn’t create all those internal pages for nothing, receiving the majority or all of your links to your home page can be categorized as a spammy link building technique. And this will probably irritate the users as they might not get directed to the specific page they wanted to visit.

If you have written about a certain service or product of your website then please make sure the link over there leads to the page which is about that certain product or service, this is the natural way of how things work. This will create more trust among your audience and your website and will decrease your bounce rate for sure.

Don’t Spin the Content, or Recycle It

Writing a blog and getting it published with a follow backlink is a great link building strategy. But be cautious of spinning that very same content and publishing it elsewhere, this will definitely be considered as content duplication, it will not only hurt you where you have published the duplicate content but also it is going to damage the original content.

If you want a link for your website by publishing articles then make sure you write something new every time. Make it look unique.

Stop Paying for Links, It’s Unethical

One of the black hat SEO techniques is the acquiring of paid links from specific websites. You may not get caught but still, it is considered as an unethical link building approach. You can get in trouble though if you start getting a number of paid links to your website which may alert Google which can turn all to ashes.

It is recommended that you should only strive to get naturally approved links so you may avoid getting penalized by the Google update Penguin.

Guest Posting

Yeah, guest posting is a great link building tactic, a great way to get natural links. But people these days are capable of acquiring unnatural links even through guest posting which may hurt your website in the long run, can you believe it?

It is all great when writing a guest post filled with knowledge and research but it can turn all gloomy when you find a guest post asking for a dofollow link back to their website in exchange for a content filled with keywords filled anchor texts. This is a spammy link building strategy which can get you in hot water if you are not careful. So rather than sending the same blog to a different website to see where you can get it published, write something useful for the people to read.

Automatically Generated Links

This used to be a thing back in the day, and to our surprise, some still resort to this very unhealthy tactic. It is a completely spammy link building tactic where automated programs create a number of links for your websites on blogs, comments and forums which will probably get your website penalized. So whatever you do stay away from this.

So, friends and tech geeks, stay focused on creating quality, not quantity. It would be better if you hire for link building experts so you can rest easy while they can professionally provide you with the best Off-page SEO service.

Link building is important. According to the rules of SEO with link building your website can rank higher in Google SERPs, if done properly, make sure you don’t obsess over link building because if you will, you will compromise on many things. Let all go smoothly.

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