5 Web Design Trends You Cannot Miss in 2020

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Make your website appealing by following these web design trends and increase your website traffic. It’s time for something new, it’s time for the makeover.

It’s time to give you website a makeover, it’s time to incorporate the top web design trends. Every year we witness new and updated web design trends and learn how these are affecting our business. The year 2020 also welcomes new web design trends that can attract your audiences. Want to know details about popular design aesthetics? We will help you!

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Here is the list of top web design trends you need to watch out in 2020.

Abstract Illustrations

Adding custom illustrations will help your brand stand out. The abstract illustrations have seen a sudden boom in the year 2019. Several top companies like – Shopify, Google, and MailChimp are already stealing the limelight by adding beautiful illustrations. With several illustration designs around, it has become hard to compete in the market. If you want to make illustrations more interesting, then you need to focus on abstract illustration designs. But, make sure that the illustrations should be clear enough to pass your brand’s message.

Emotional Designs

A good design can help to communicate with the users. But, what we usually miss in designs are the emotions. Yes, you read it right! The main focus of businesses today lies in covering the emotional impact and usability. Today, companies are shifting from traditional designs to emotional and personalized designs. Companies are using designer tools to create such layouts and engage with their users. You can add animations or emotional design images for getting feedbacks and more.

Dark Mode

Ever since dark mode rolled out in the market it created the buzz. Top companies like – Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and more already providing the dark mode features to their users. A dark mode uses a low-light interface that reduces the pressure in eyes and enhances user experience. Not just that, the dark mode also helps in conserving the battery life. This trend should definitely be missed!

Geometric Patterns

Geometric designs look powerful and visually-appealing. Geometric shapes, lines, fluid, and organic patterns are coming back this year. These shapes help to create a visual divider between different sections of the page. Now, geometric designs are not just confined to a section divider but also helps to convey a specific feel.  For example – an edgy sharp line can be used to convey a brutal feel. Likewise, a  soft geometric shape can create a futuristic look.

Minimalistic Navigation

In the past few years, brands are following minimal navigation on the website. But, this has increased the focus on images and animations part. Simple navigation helps in taking away the difficulty in usability and further helps to enhance the user experience. So, if you want to incorporate this trend to your website, then you must pay focus on using quality images with minimum text to highlight. This will automatically make the visuals powerful and eye-pleasing.

Attention-grabbing visuals and colors are all you will witness in the year 2020. Make your website appealing by following these web design trends and increase your website traffic. It’s time for something new, it’s time for the makeover.