7 Compelling Reasons Why Businesses Should Have Their Own Mobile Apps

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If you can create your website, then why can’t you create your mobile app? We will discuss seven compelling reasons why your business needs to go mobile.

Businesses with an edge control the most significant market shares and have the highest sales figures.

This is because they give customers a reason to choose their products or services over the competition.

Since there might be 4 billion members of the mobile population by 2020, isn’t that a compelling reason why your business should develop its mobile app?

Sure, you could use any number of great mobile apps out there, but does that give you a comparative advantage? No.

Your business will tread the same ground as other companies and end up competing for the same pool of customers. Modern consumers want a convenient, personalized shopping user experience (UX), which only a particular type of mobile app can provide.

If you can create your website, then why can’t you create your mobile app? We will discuss seven compelling reasons why making your business go mobile is the next step in growing your digital presence.

1. Waking Up to Your Brand

One of the primary goals of Mobile Marketing is to have the customer’s attention 24/7/365. The smartphone makes this dream a reality. According to a 2014 ExpressPigeon study, more than 50% of smartphone users are not grabbing a cup of coffee, but their phones. The smartphone has become an essential tool for the modern consumer’s life.

Imagine if your mobile app was the first thing that a consumer saw every morning. What do you think that would be worth in terms of higher sales? Blue Corona reported that 52.2% of all global online traffic was via mobile phones. Imagine the increase in sales if your app turned your company into a subject matter expert (SME).

By creating an app, you become that app. Create a personalized experience for your customers by answering their questions immediately. As a result, you are building a community around your brand that represents trust and making sure your user’s needs come first.

2. Personalize Mobile Geo-Location

An estimated 85% of consumer mobile time is spent using apps, according to TechCrunch. Mobile apps provide the essential functions that everybody loves and needs. Mobile apps are more accessible to personalize – that is why they are so popular.

Practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you get. Therefore, the more customer data you collect, the better you understand your geo-location upselling conversion.

Anticipate what your customers want and need. The highest level of customer relationship management (CRM) software provides you with the data to understand which products might excite your customer and utilize that information to personalize your customer’s experience.

3. Time-Sensitive Alerts

Time-sensitive, push-notification alerts are essential in winning the mobile marketing strategy. But, how do you determine the best time to send a time-sensitive, push-notification?

Gather customer data and develop a customized marketing plan for each customer. Mobile app algorithms analyze past consumer buying patterns and calculate the optimal time when the consumer will be using his or her smartphone. At the exact moment that the consumer is accessing your app, you can send time-sensitive, push-notification alerts.

Don’t send these high-risk, high-reward alerts too early or too late, so avoid them meal times. Let the customers establish when they’d prefer to be contacted. Your algorithm, CRM, and customer data analysis identifies the optimal sending time for these notifications.

4. Social Media Integration

Aside from your mobile app, take full advantage of social media apps that can reach in front of a large audience. Now, why should anyone visit your social media page? You might have seen businesses that created a skeleton Facebook page and forgot about it.

They never interact with their customers on the page and never offer any updates on the latest going on with their brand. Customers see that as a company ghosting their audience, so make sure you integrate social media into your efforts with creative posts and interactive content.

The best businesses will have social media accounts that integrate back with their mobile app. According to comScore, individuals spend 80% of their social media time on a mobile device.

Create your own branded mobile app to establish superior integration between your company website and social media page. Optimize the benefits of online social networks with real-time updates and a personal give-and-take. Consumers will feel more comfortable with your brand when they can receive direct responses through social media.

5. Digital SMS Coupons

Of course, there are many great applications to inspire you. Once you have tried out the best, you now have a good idea of specific functions that you want to integrate for your mobile app.

Delivering coupons via SMS is a great way to reward your best customers. You could record their latest purchase and offer them a discount on their next purchase. Plus, you could even upsell with additional accessories. An option includes utilizing a customer rewards program so users are excited to come back for more.

90% of consumers use smartphones while shopping. Therefore, provide them with digital coupons to complete the process. You can raise awareness for specific merchandise and move seasonal goods faster. Create loyal customers with timely discounts.

6. Brand Recognition

With your brand mobile app, stand out from the crowd. When consumers use your business’s mobile app, they can save their preferences and complete a sale faster. Make sure your app provides a fast and simple shopping experience.

Moreover, every single time that your mobile app is used, your brand is being promoted. This provides you with superior brand recognition. Your consumer will associate your brand with excellence and trust your products and services subconsciously.

7. Business Mobile App Development

Business development includes the creation of a logo, name, color scheme, and slogan to promote your brand. In the digital age, it is also necessary to create a mobile app. Numerous mobile app developer have the skills to deliver exactly what you want.

You could take the best features of other apps and consolidate them into your brand’s mobile app. This allows you to create a superior UX that brands with your company logo, name, color scheme and slogan.

Furthermore, each of the mobile device operating systems offer free downloadable software development kits. There are even technical articles and videos on how to create mobile apps. If you have the expertise, you could make your own mobile app.

Final Thoughts: The Success of Mobile App Campaigns

Having your own mobile app for your business allows you to accomplish useful functions.

For example, when Domino’s Pizza created their own mobile app “for ordering delivery or in-store pickup” that made the pizza ordering process faster, they saw a rise of 28% in half-year pre-tax profits in the United Kingdom.

Consumers want mobile apps that can optimize their convenience. Now, mobile devices account for 52% of Domino’s Pizza online orders. Take advantage of the ubiquitous nature of smartphones in the lives of your consumers.

The World Wide Web continues to evolve with the most advanced online businesses drawing the most attention. Creating a company logo is a must-have, and now, it is advantageous for you to create your mobile app to personalize UX, optimize upselling opportunities, and improve brand recognition.

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