7 Facets of Online Presence You Should Be Managing

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You can focus on a few key facets and make all of your efforts pay off well.

User Interface

Can your users easily log into their portals? Perhaps you have an app that is clear and simple, but your website is confusing. Always consider your user interface and regularly audit it for ease of use. If you get any feedback from your customers or staff, consider making improvements. Even if you make adjustments and they don’t work out well, it’s better to revert back rather than to be so inflexible with your UI that you lose customers.


Handling reviews is usually the most dreaded job when it comes to managing an online presence. However, it’s essential to identify what you gain from reviews. Even having to respond to negative reviews gives you a chance to gain a customer perspective. A company that responds well to negative reviews can improve customers’ impressions of their online presence. Use the opportunity that comes with negative reviews to improve processes and guest satisfaction. Of course, don’t forget to thank people for leaving positive reviews.


The first item listed in this article, user interface, evaluated the user side of your platform. You also need to consider how well the website operates as a platform on the technical level. This is where a professional web design service could come in handy. This can help you to get everything that you need for your website without the headache of trying to create the website yourself. You’ll want to make sure that your website is regularly updated to reflect current trends and content. If your website has a comments section, look through it every so often to respond to customer concerns as they arise.


When breaking into content, one of the more significant pieces of an online presence, it’s vital that you actively manage this facet. Unfortunately, most people actively post content and don’t account for reviewing past material, archiving unnecessary content or correcting irrelevant data. It’s important to remember that not every piece of content on your site is evergreen. Evergreen is the term used for content that will stay relevant for many years into the future. If any of your content references recent findings, studies or cites a year, you need to manage it. Set aside one day a month or one week every couple of months to go through your past content.

Social Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more have become platforms for companies to develop and manage their presence. These platforms give you the chance to address complaints and concerns. Social platforms also offer the chance to promote upcoming product launches and inform customers of updates.

Relationship Management

Managing relationships involves constant upkeep of your communication efforts with not just your customers, but your vendors and the public too. When handling customer relationships it’s vital that you keep in mind how impactful one customer can be. If angered, a customer can take your otherwise private conversations to social media. Dealing with vendor relationships is a little easier. There are general guidelines about how to professionally interact with vendors and suppliers. To build a positive relationship with them socially, be sure to tag them in posts that relate to their materials or services that you use.

Contribute to Blogs and Podcasts as a Guest

Many people don’t realize that their online presence spans far past their website and social media accounts. Be a guest on blogs, and appear on podcasts to spread your vision and insight far and wide. Podcasts offer the chance to put your voice out there and connect with people who would likely benefit from your services or products on a more personal level. Blogs provide a different range of benefits, including backlinks, more exposure to your site, and of course, exposure to a wider net of potential customers. When guest posting on a blog or appearing on a podcast, remember that a good guest never shows up empty-handed. Research the site or podcast and bring in high-quality material.

When you look at appearing as a guest, managing your content, and creating an enjoyable user experience, it might seem like too many things going on at once. Managing an online presence can stretch some people too thin, and that’s why it’s essential to get help. When working with your staff, ensure that everyone knows the overall mission, tone, and goals within your company’s online presence. It’s vital that your branding is clear and consistent. As part of your processes, regularly audit each of these facets to ensure that it’s still high-value to your company. After implementing processes and scheduling necessary audits or posts, you’ll find that each part becomes easier to manage.