7 Most Effective Creative Content Writing Elevator Pitches

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Content that is created for some sort of entertainment, infotainment, promoting a brand, rhetoric’s, etc. falls into the category of Creative Content.

What is Content or more specifically Content Writing? Most people generally get confused about this term because of a lack of appropriate understanding. Well, fundamentally whatever we see in the form of still images along with the text in newspapers, books, magazines, and over the internet as articles, blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, and others comes under Content. Now moving on to the debate what is meant by Creative Content Writing?

Content that is created for some sort of entertainment, infotainment, promoting a brand, rhetorics, etc. falls into the category of Creative Content. It is meant to grab the attention of the readers that are called the Audience. People with good writing abilities often hesitate to kick start a career in writing but once you dive into the pool you gradually learn the basics moving on to the professional work level.

Getting To Know a Little More About Types of Content Writing

There exist numerous types of Content development. The most important and effective of them are elaborated as follows.


Writing web content to promote your brands or services or for the sole purpose of conveying information about any topic is called article or blog writing. Blogs are generally smaller with respect to the word count in comparison to the articles. This type focuses on SEO i.e. search engine optimisation or in simple terms, ranking your content on top of the internet search results to get more reader views.


All of us get multiple promotional emails in our inboxes on a daily or weekly basis. Primarily, many businesses design campaigns to market their products. Writing the most enticing content that is worthy enough to bag a potential customer is of paramount importance to any organisation and this is called the “Art of Marketing” as well.

Technical Writing

Big organisations hire technical writers to get the official report writing work done timely and properly. Despite the fact that it is some thing very formal and monotonous as well, the use of heavy sentence structures is still not encouraged. It also includes writing long descriptive essays to educate customers concerning your services.


Writing about academic subjects to help students understand clearly the concepts, formulae, graphs, etc. Detailed research work is the main component of academic writing.

Social Media Posts

Creating short overviews about the latest news or innovation in the world of technology describes a Social media post. It contains a visual (an image or a video) and a very brief explanation known as a caption below the posted content.

Copy Writing

Using limited but catchy words leaving no choice to a customer except for turning back to your offering while trying to sell something online or offline is called Copy Writing. This is used for marketing purposes and to successfully run ad campaigns.

What is Pitching?

Every effort you make as a business owner to sell your products and services to a prospective client is termed Pitching. We believe this is one of the most challenging tasks to do. It is a form of rhetoric that means to persuade someone to accept your offerings and in return get paid well. Similarly, when we talk about Effective Creative Writing Pitches, we mean being skilled enough to come up with pre-eminent writing solutions for the clients. Following are some killer techniques to explain how to stand out while writing irresistible pitches to the buyer.

1. Identification

Parents name us when we open our eyes to this world just for the sake of our recognition. Similarly, as a flamboyant business owner or service provider, one must have identification such as a website or a social media page. Customers only get attracted to you if you are identifiable to them. Suppose there is a big organisation without having a proper website. Will they be able to market their products at a good pace? The answer is NO. The basic work ethic today is to get a website developed that must have the basic web pages including a Vision and Mission section.

2. Portfolio

Adding your company’s portfolio to your online portal is as significant as never skipping a meal. Your past and recent projects boost the confidence of a buyer to make a purchase smoothly.

3. Recognise Your Clients

Selling commodities or services without knowing whom to sell gets counted as a blunder in the business world. Do an online market survey, look for the clients who are already in search of the product that quenches their need the best possible way.

4. No Beating About the Bush

While proposing a client to buy your creative writing services never make a mistake to beat about the bush. What we mean is that stay stuck to your pitch. Make them realise that you are the one they were looking for. Keep your rates as reasonable as possible and do not forget to provide them with after-sale services such as SEO.

5. Reassure

Share your previous writing samples with clients to get a firm hold of their trust in your abilities.  Clear all sorts of doubts regarding the experience of your writing services.

6. Keep the Communication Simple and Easy

Acquire the best communication skills. Communication is considered the most effective tool these days to hijack minds using a few tips and tricks. Listening, observing the requirements of the customer, speaking in a way to empathise with him, and then making an offer he can never resist, is called the art of grabbing business. Moreover, keep your pitch as simple as possible and don’t try to make a buy one get one free sort of offer. This can make a client think that you can compromise on the quality of work to sell your services.

7. Spotlight their Achilles Heels

Be smart and talk about the competitors in the writing industry. Persuade your customer that you are the right fit for this job of providing extraordinary writing services to them.

Knowing the skill of selling yourself in the market is of key importance specifically in the present times. So next time you make a pitch to a purchaser make sure you are good enough to end up making a deal.