7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Design Agency Instead of Building Your Own Website

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Your business website represents a major business investment. Which is why you should let a professional handle this for you.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Web Design Agency?

In recent posts, we went over the Big Problems with Small Business Websites and 26 Things To Note Before You Develop a Website. Many of the problems we outlined in these posts came from not hiring a professional web design agency to handle your project in the first place. Yes, professionals are more expensive. But if you think professionals are expensive just wait until you hire an amateur!

98% of business owners who attempt to build their own website fail at the task and never launch a website at all! US Small Business Administration

In today’s digital and increasingly mobile world your website is no longer static, but rather an interactive online presence that needs to constantly adapt. This includes optimizing for new mobile devices, updating content and keeping it fresh, and adapting search tactics to the latest Google algorithm changes. And of course, you still need a killer design to stand out in the market!

Yes, you can figure most of this out by yourself. But the result may not be all that good. Roughly 97% of websites designed by amateurs fail. Doesn’t your brand deserve better than that? By hiring a professional web design agency you can focus on running your business and not learning the intricacies of web coding and SEO.

7 Reasons for Hiring a Professional Web Design Agency

By hiring a professional web design agency all the components of your new website will work together from the start. A modern website is a lot more than just a bit of code with a few words and images added. A professional web design agency has all the resources you need to succeed in less time and at a lower cost than you might expect. Let me explain how this actually works out in real life.

1. Vision

Professional web design agencies work with innovative technology. What will your website look like in two years from now? A professional web design agency not only designs and develops websites, it also keeps an eye on future developments. With many new apps and ever-increasing web functionality to appeal to the social-mobile-local shopper a professional web design agency can show you how to plan and not get left in the digital world.

Even if you only have a vague vision of what you have in mind a professional web design agency can help you refine it and make sure it works in life; the latter comes in really handy! And if you don’t have an idea a professional web design agency can help you create your own unique look. Here are some common questions a professional web design agency will have to help them focus on your specific needs.

2. Experience

Building mobile-friendly, responsive, websites is no easy task. If you don’t, believe me, you should try it yourself! Unless you are highly skilled in software applications, the latest web standards, and speak a few machine languages (Parlez-vous PHP?) you have a learning curve ahead of you. A professional web design agency is already experienced, so you don’t have to pay them to learn.

And what if you get stuck? There are any number of problems during the design and development of a website. Some of them are fixed relatively easily, but others may need looking through 1000s of lines of code or even creating custom solutions. That is best left to a professional web design agency.

Professional web design agencies can also help you with domain purchases and registration, email configuration, website hosting, IT services, and other non-design related services. Even if you already have some of this in place a professional web design agency makes sure that everything works well together.

3. Resources

It takes a lot of different resources to create an engaging online presence in the digital age! A professional web design agency usually combines the ability and vision of different creatives and strategists to offer the desired results. Depending on the scope of your project you will need experts ranging from UI/UX designers to web designers and developers, e-commerce experts, search engine optimization strategists, and IT support technicians. A professional web design agency has all of them in-house or on-call. That ensures continuity from beginning to end while greatly reducing the risk of delays.

Have all required professionals involved in your project from the beginning. This allows you to anticipate problems and shortcomings in advance in advance instead of fixing them in the development phase. Having non-designers involved in the creative process is very helpful in developing creative solutions. And our innovative web designers learned a lot since they started hanging out with our IT teams!

4. Process

Building a website is a complicated project, and careful planning definitely helps. A professional web design agency usually has an established process based on their experience. This makes sure your project keeps moving forward without overlooking any details. A typical process workflow could go like this:

  • Strategy – The research and preparation in this step is the foundation for the design and development work.
  • Design – The visual look of the website begins to take shape and any custom design elements created.
  • Build – This is where the creative vision turns into reality. Developers build the website functionality and add the content.
  • Test – This is where the new site undergoes extensive beta testing, including functionality on different browsers and devices.
  • Launch – This includes any last touches and moving the site to a live server.
  • Report – The last step is tracking the new site’s performance and making the required tweaks and content updates. Repeat this step as needed.

The process usually includes timelines for design and development of the new website from beginning to end. Here is a sample outline showing the individual responsibilities of the client and the designer. A professional web design agency can develop a custom timeline for your project based on your specific requirements.

5. Scalability

Many first business websites are relatively small in scale. In some cases, there are just a few pages and maybe a contact form. But that usually doesn’t last long. Soon business owners want to add other essential website elements such as a blog, enhance social interaction through video chat, and sell both real and virtual products. Add some enhanced interactivity such as payment options and maintenance requests or custom search functionality and you are talking about a pretty complex digital presence. And how will all that work with the first website?

A professional web design agency not only can help you with your first online presence but with future enhancements as well. By keeping a close eye on professional developments in their field a professional web design agency can help you expect future trends and help you plan to take advantage of them as they emerge. Your first online presence is more limited, but our experience has shown that clients quickly want to bring additional content and functionality to their site. By planning ahead you can do this quickly and easily and avoid having to re-develop all or part of your site.

6. Time

As a business owner, an e-commerce store operator, or online marketer you have better things to do with your time than building your own business website or e-commerce store. You know, like actually running your business! And yes, I know it sounds so easy when you look at templates or website builders that claim it only takes a few minutes to build and launch your site. Yeah right! Don’t believe that crap! Unless you are in the web design business (in which case why are you reading this?) hiring a professional web design agency will save you lots of time.

Here is how it works out in real life. No matter what kind of site or e-commerce presence you need, a professional web design agency will have built one like it already. Which means they know exactly what needs to be done, and how to get it done fast. Here at ESPRESSO.digital, we have created entirely new custom WordPress sites, including rebranding, content and image creation, and the entire design and development phase, in as little as 26 days!

A professional web design agency usually works on a fixed-bid estimate, so it is in their interest to get your website built as fast as possible. If a project takes longer than anticipated the agency stands a risk of losing money, which is something they want to avoid. So if you are ready to hit the ground running so will your professional web design agency. Of course, if you are not ready to get started all bets are off. And be aware that most agencies have strict clauses in their contracts to keep you on track.

7. Cost

Yes, you read correctly! Cost savings are a big part of hiring a professional web design agency. Here is how it works: You try on your own, and you really give it your all. But after about 200 hours* you give up. Instead, you ask your neighbor’s kid to help. And after a few days (or weeks) he gives up. You go on Craigslist and hire a “professional.” Most likely they will just take your money. So here you are, a few months and a few thousand dollars (*yes, your time costs money!) with really nothing to show for it.

A professional web design agency costs a few thousand dollars as well, or even more depending on your project scope. But after about 2 months a professional web design agency completed your project, which means you start earning money and not paying it out. Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place?

And a professional web design agency will design your site based on a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. This will allow you to update and keep up your website yourself, thereby eliminating the need for a webmaster. This will cut both the time and cost required for making updates. A professional web design agency can always help you with more difficult tasks, such as adding a new product gallery or shopping cart, but you can save money by making your own content updates.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Design Agency

The above are only the most important benefits of hiring a professional web design agency. Depending on your specific project there can others, such as developing a custom mobile app for your business, creating a custom shopping cart, or helping you get the most out of your blog. If you are not sure what a professional web design agency can do for you just ask one!

Of course, you have some responsibility for working with a professional web design agency. Take a look at Getting The Most From Your Web Designer to see what we mean. If you are not sure what your professional web design agency expects from you go ahead and ask them. They will prefer explaining their process to you up front than having your project derail later.

Regardless of the type of website your business needs you can count on a professional web design agency to deliver on time and on budget. But the benefits don’t end there. Most professional web design agencies offer ongoing support and training, website maintenance programs, and are very helpful in third-party vendor conflict resolution as well.

And many offer related services such as content curation, search engine optimization, and social media services as well. By working with just one vendor you ensure continuity in your online presence and simplify the process for yourself. And that’s what you wanted in the first place, isn’t it?

So What Should You Do Next?

You have the facts, now you need to decide. If you really want to design and develop your own site we admire you and wish you the best of luck. We mean that! If your new site turns out awesome let us know!

But if you are like most business owners we know you already have enough to do just running your business. So search for a professional web design agency in your city, or simply reach out to us and we will be happy to help you!

Of course, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble and include us in your consideration process. We are experts at carefully crafting custom mobile-friendly websites to meet (almost) any budget. From highly customized corporate sites, to responsive e-Commerce websites to small business websites and personal blogs we work directly with the client to prepare them for the ever-increasing social, mobile and local consumer. Why not get started by requesting your free web design estimate?

And if you are still not sure about hiring a professional web designer or web design agency don’t worry! Simply reach out and contact us. Our expert team will listen to you, answer your questions, and find the best way for your business to get the online presence you need. That is one of our specialties, after all!

How Did Hiring a Professional Web Design Agency Work for You?

Did you hire an agency to build your new website or e-commerce store? How did that work out for you? Is there anything you wish you would have known beforehand, or done differently? Do you have anything to add to our reasons for hiring a professional web design agency? Please feel free to let us know so our audience can benefit as well, and grab our feed so you don’t miss our next post! And feel free to share our post with your audience!

We appreciate your help in eliminating bad business websites, one pixel at a time! Thank you!

By Gregor Schmidt – Co-Founder / CXO @gregorspeaks