7 Smart Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

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The convenience of ordering on the go has made it essential for small businesses to have their own mobile apps.

Technological advancements are increasing with each passing day, and so are the consumer’s demands. Today, consumers want ease and comfort in every possible manner. Gone are the days when consumers used to stroll through product-lined shelves in brick and mortar stores to find the product they desired. Life is busy, and consumers are more interested in convenient and time-saving ways to shop.

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Several types of research have been conducted to know the shopping patterns of consumers. Most researches reported that the trend of purchasing from mobile applications has been on the rise for the last five years. Since more than 70% of consumers are using smartphones today, purchases through mobile applications are convenient. Instead of heading towards their laptops, consumers now prefer visiting the app to place their orders.

This convenience of ordering on the go has made it essential for small businesses to have their own mobile apps so they can stay competitive in the aggressive market.

In this article, we will discuss smart reasons for creating a mobile app for small businesses. These reasons are:

Higher Visibility

One smart approach to marketing is to stay visible to consumers. This strategy was also adopted by the famous soft drink brand “Coca-Cola.” The brand made sure that their soft drink is available in every supermart, and the placement of the drink is on the front line. The primary motivation behind this approach was enhanced brand visibility to prompt brand recognition and sales.

On the other hand, if you fail to highlight your brand, you can be sure that your competitor won’t miss the chance. In this aggressive market, there is a high chance that consumers will purchase the brand they are more exposed to.

This same approach is also applicable to mobile apps. When the app of your business is on the smartphone of the consumer, they will look at it every time they use their cell phone. Thus, your product/service will stay in the mind of the consumer.

Providing Convenience and Value to Your Consumers

Smartphones are handy and easy-to-use; most of us are always carrying our phones with us. In fact, research shows that, on average, a person spends 3.15 hours using their phone daily. In contrast, using desktops and laptops is becoming cumbersome: people don’t want to take the time to switch on their systems and wait for the site to load. These people want quick and effective solutions, and mobile applications provide just that. For instance, some people consider it essential to keep a food delivery app on their smartphone so that they can order whenever they want.

In the same way, some people use mobile applications because they keep users informed about sales, discounts, and other sales promotion offers. A simple notification is all it takes to inform the user about all the latest updates. Thus, the app is now considered highly essential, no matter what sort of business it is.

Beating the Competition

Another smart reason for developing a mobile application for your businesses to help you stand out from the mob. Mobile applications increase the value of your business and therefore give you an edge over your competitors. However, you need to make sure that the app provides useful information to the visitors as well as distinctive features and benefits.

Though a great app is enough to highlight your brand in the market, one single mistake can also ruin your previous position. Once your consumer deletes your app, there are very few chances that he will download it again. Thus, one needs to be careful in providing a great mobile experience to consumers.

Increasing Sales

Boosting your business sales is another reason to develop a mobile app. Since people now prefer online shopping to in-store shopping, mobile applications increase the chance of making higher sales. Even in online shopping, there are two options; a website or a mobile app. Amongst the two, mobile applications are preferred for their convenience and ease of use.

Additionally, we can also make our app in multiple languages so that we can easily reach out to the international audience. Thus, our sales are automatically increased. Some brands also partner their mobile apps with mobile websites to reach more people.

Providing a Better Customer Experience

Mobile applications are a smart investment because they enhance the customer experience. Since competition is stiffer than ever, many businesses are trying to win over their customers through impeccable customer service. In comparison to other customer services tools, a mobile application is infinitely more expedient for resolving customer issues and offering quick solutions.

For instance, recently Carpet Cleaning London opened a new outlet which was unable to handle customer concerns adequately. One of the digital marketing experts suggested creating an app, so that customer concerns are resolved in a timely manner. After initiating the app, the new outlet saw a marked improvement in their customer service rating.

Better Marketing

The penultimate reason for developing an app for your business is to increase marketing efficiency. An app remains in the smartphones of your consumers and gives you more access to a person than any other marketing channel. It becomes easier for the marketer to keep the customer engaged with the brand; you can inform them about recent deals, discounts, launches, and more. For instance, if you post an add on social media, the consumer will only see it when he will visit the social media channel. In comparison to this, you can let your consumers know the same thing through an app that is already installed on their phones.

You can use push notifications to let them know anything about your brand. Along with this, you can use data analytics of an app to plan your future marketing strategies and looking at the purchasing trend of your consumers.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Finally, mobile applications increase customer loyalty. When users get an excellent experience from your mobile app, customer loyalty increases automatically. Since the app is already installed on the phone, and the experience is also satisfactory, consumers will not even think of searching for other brands and waste their time.

Every time your consumers get a good experience from your app, their level of trust increases, and they started considering your product/service as an essential item in their life.

In short, having a mobile app is essential for every business in today’s world. It should be remembered that an app can make or break your image in the market, so it is imperative to do proper research before creating an app for your business.