7 Ways to Overcoming Creative Block

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Whether you are a writer, a designer or even a business owner, there is a time when you couldn’t think of anything. Check 7 Ways to overcoming creative block.

1. Always Carry a Notebook Around With You

This way you can jot down any ideas, sketches, phrases, songs, or anything else that inspires you as you go through your life. Inspiration can hit at any time, so be sure to keep a little log of what inspires you for times when you have a creative block.

-Omid Semino, CEO of Diamond Mansion


2. Forgive and Enjoy Ourselves

Creative block happens, and we should forgive ourselves for when this happens. The most immediate thing that you could do to combat this is to spend an entire day for yourself. Yes, that’s right – combat being unproductive by… being “unproductive.” Allow yourself some time to indulge yourself in things that are just for yourself. It could be reading a book, watching a TV series, or playing a game. The only criteria would be that you must enjoy yourself.

When we are enjoying ourselves, we recall the things that make us happy, the things that inspire us to create. Whether it’s art block or writing block, forcing yourself to put pen to paper will only make things worse and make you hate your project. Set aside time to do things you love, and the love will transfer back to your creative process.

-Sam Shepler, Founder of Testimonial Hero


3. Step Away From Work

By setting tech-free experiences, it can have huge benefits to one’s mental health. Getting committed to a digital diet has helped me lessen my anxiety and stress, improved my focus and well-being, helped me achieve sound sleep every night, and achieve work-life balance. It’s finding time to lessen your work hours in favor of staying away from technology that can help you do work more smartly and creatively.

-Michael Hammelburger, CEO of The Bottom Line Group

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4. Know Your Most Creative Time

One of my best recommendations is to plan the parts of your day when you have to be creative for times when you feel more creative. Take a week or month and see when your ideas come through the most, and if you have that flexibility, schedule the creative parts of your job for those specific times. Another tool to take advantage of would be breaks.

Sometimes blocks come because of pressure, so if you are feeling stuck, take some time away from what you’re doing and focusing on to give your brain a break. Take a walk, have a dance party, or take a drive or shower – lots of times, those relaxing activities can make a huge difference in freeing up your brainpower to allow the ideas to flow!

-Laura Rike, Founder of Laura Rike


5. Look at the Project From Different Angles

It is always a good idea to get a fresh perspective on life when feeling creativity blocks. Look at the project from different angles, upside down, backwards, through a telescope, just any angle that is different than your current one. This odd way of thinking can spark inspiration and an end to your creative block.

-Tri Nguyen, CEO of Network Capital


6. Get up and Explore

Get up and explore other creative areas when you are feeling a creative block. Look through a magazine, read a book, visit a museum, flip through packaging, signage, or fashion catalogs. Basically, look at anything that is different than what you are working on at the moment. This look into other creative avenues can help you unblock your creativity.

-Alex Czarnecki, founder and CEO of Cottage


7. Push the Technology Away

For me, an outdoor walk is the best way to find inspiration. I go to a nearby trail and hike without technology – including my smartphone and smartwatch. This can usually help me come up with ideas for whatever I’m struggling with and really refresh my mind.

A fun way to get over creative block: play with my super-awesome Speks desk toys! They are colorful, fun, and serve the same purpose as a fidget spinner or something like that. If I’m struggling to think of something, I push the technology away and grab my Speks desk toys as a way to get my mind going again!

-Lindsey, CEO and Co-Founder of PlaybookUX



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