9 Headings & Title Ideas to Drive More Website Traffic

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Nine effective ways to write catchy and relevant titles and headings for your content.

People read the headlines of your blogs or articles more than you realize. If they find it appealing and interesting, it is more likely that they will click on your article. Good headlines can generate your website more traffic than a headline which is just boring or not up to the mark. The thing about good headlines are:

  • They are relevant to the content
  • SEO friendly
  • Trigger the interest of the audience

Want to know how to write catchy headlines? Here are a few ideas!

1. Keyword Research Is Extremely Important

Do keyword research to determine what exactly users are searching for before deciding on a headline. Do thorough research, make a list and then narrow it down to a few popular searches to finally decide on a heading that is somewhere along the lines of that keyword. By choosing a keyword that has a greater search volume, you can boost ROI and greatly increase the internet traffic on your website.

2. Brainstorm Multiple Headline Ideas

Think of many headlines and write them down before choosing the perfect fit for your blog.

3. Sometimes, Short Is the Way to Go!

For headlines to be catchy, they do not always have to be lengthy and giving the whole story behind the content. It is okay to keep them short and end them with an exclamation mark or a question mark to generate interest of the audience.

4. Use the Word ‘Best’ in Your Headlines

Don’t all of us, while searching search engines, want the best article? The best ways? The best methods? If you start your article with ‘the best ways to lose weight in a month’ or ‘the best healthy foods to eat’ or ‘the best way to save money’, more people will view your article as they will be intrigued to know the most effective methods for whatever they are searching for.

5. Use a Relevant Quote

Most of us love quotes. Lots of us search them, read them and even use them as inspiration. If you use a quote as a headline, the audience will automatically assume that the content you have written is relevant and deep and will be eager to read it, in turn generating more internet traffic and a higher ranking on the search engine for you.

6. Use the Word ‘Easiest’ in Your Headlines

Many times, net surfers do not want to know many ways, they just want to know a single easy way that is going to make their lives easier. For example, if you run a mental health blog and you write ‘the easiest way to deal with anxiety’, people will be extremely interested to know the details of this way and the clicks on your website will increase. This is just like using the word ‘best’ in your headline but a slightly modified and better version of it.

7. Back up Your Headline With a Trusted Source

It is much more likely that people will open your content and trust what is written if they can trust someone credible is behind it. Like science. People love knowing what science has to say, the advancements it is making, the searches it is conducting and all the results and findings that it has gathered. So, if your headline states that your content is proved by science, the audience is more likely to be intrigued enough by it to click on it. They might tell others of it too or share it so that your blog will be able to achieve more and more viewers.

8. Include Influential People in Your Headlines

People are more likely to be attracted by your headline if they see the name of someone they like or are popular. For example, ‘Angelina Jolie’s skincare routine’. This headline will help you gain greater internet traffic as more and more net surfers will open your article to see what their favorite actress does and how they can do it too.

9. Write in Lists or Points

Most people like content more when they are listed down or are written in points. Probably because lists are to the point, include relevant stuff which makes them easier to read and understand. So, if you start your headline with ‘A list of…’ or ‘Points to note…’, it has a greater chance of your content being clicked on and read by the audience.

These were a few ideas to help you achieve greater internet traffic and a higher ranking on search engine results. However, the headline is not the only thing that is enough to attract users. With a good headline, more users are going to click on your website, but to ensure that they stay on it, you need to have a good SEO friendly content so that your bounce rates are not high and your content is read. For content writing services and catchy headlines, you can hire companies to do it for you so your content and headline are both catchy and engrossing.