A Beginner’s Guide for B2B Lead Generation

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All companies recognize the need to maintain a continuous flow of potential customers.

If customers don’t spend a lot of money to buy your products and services or to gain credible brand recognition, it’s hard to say whether your business will mature.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, lead generation can be a long and tedious process. You need to have effective lead generation strategies in the B2B process otherwise you will waste time, energy, and money.

There are various types of lead generation tools; however, do you know how to use these?

If you follow these tried and tested strategies properly to position your brand in the market, then lead generation in digital marketing is not difficult.

Generating Leads via Content Marketing

The backbone of B2B potential customers is to provide users with high-quality content. As a report indicates, 88% of marketers use content marketing for the generation of B2B potential customers.

High-quality, valuable content positions your business as a leading expert in a field trusted by users. Create a natural environment for interaction with potential customers and promote their passage through channels.

Guest Blogging

This is one of the most effective ways to make yourself a thought leader and make your business a trusted brand, only if you do it right.

First, list all non-competitive, audience-friendly websites and blogs that are very suitable for your business, attract a lot of traffic, and accept guest blogs.

Then propose interesting and relevant topics to the editor or blog owner. Make sure to include a good headline, as it increases the number of visits to the blog by 500%. You can also hire lead generation services to promote your business in a more professional manner.

Create Lead Magnets

Another effective way to attract high-quality B2B leads is to create lead magnets. These can provide information such as e-books, research articles, white papers, PDFs, webinars, online tutorials, podcasts, etc.

This content does not speak directly about your business but does provide visitors with valuable information that can be viewed, controlled or downloaded to exchange basic personal information (such as contact information).

Lead magnets contain more information than is provided on your website and are relevant to potential customers. The value of the information provided is proportional to the number of times the information is downloaded or delivered.


Quora has more than 100 million monthly visitors and they visit the site to post questions and answers. This is a good platform for you to create your own professional field experts.

Using this platform can help people solve problems related to a particular niche, thus communicating with people. The best way to generate engagement is to add value.

Quora is full of people looking for answers. Position yourself as an expert by solving queries, thus using the law of reciprocity and observing that others find you automatically.


Thousands of visitors spend hours on YouTube. Take advantage of massive traffic by uploading free “how-to” tutorials or valuable content related to your niche. If you can provide them with the solution they are looking for and add a link to your website’s landing page on your resume, you will get new leadership opportunities.

Adding a video to a website’s landing page can increase the conversion rate by 86%. Therefore, video marketing must become an important part of your lead generation strategy.

Generating Leads via Paid Marketing

Constant efforts are required to drive organic traffic, but once traffic is established, you will not need to increase any additional investment to meet new potential customers. It can be used interchangeably with paid marketing. The effect of paid marketing is faster, but it requires a high degree of vigilance.

You may use up a month’s marketing budget within a few hours, but if you don’t know who or how to ask for help, you still get nothing.

If you want to be effective, it is recommended to hire an expert to run your paid marketing campaign. Here are some ways to refer potential customers through paid advertising.

Facebook Ads

It is considered to be one of the most powerful platforms for running paid advertising because its data allows advertisers to run targeted ads.

Facebook Ads can isolate and target very specific demographics that are most likely to convert. For example, you can target 16-year-old teenagers living in Delhi who like Taylor Swift, often go to the subway, and like romantic comedies.

With well-designed Facebook campaigns and ad retargeting, your business will immediately see a large number of potential customers.

LinkedIn Ads

The generation of B2B potential customers will work best on sites like LinkedIn that are known for promoting professional participation. However, for small and medium enterprises, there is a disadvantage to using this platform.

Many people have realized the potential of LinkedIn advertising, which has led to excessive numbers of certain keywords.

This intensified multiple competitions, which in turn increased the marketing costs of the platform. This means you need to run a fully optimized campaign to meet your budget in a targeted and effective manner.

Google Ads

Google AdWords is the first PPC (Pay per Click) network, which paves the way for other networks. To use Google AdWords effectively for your paid marketing campaigns, you need to optimize a few basic aspects of your online presence, including advertising, creative, login page, specify keywords, offers, etc.

You need to determine what you are doing. Otherwise, your return on investment will be much lower than your expectations and your monthly budget will increase considerably. We recommend that you hire an AdWords expert or take a suitable course before setting up your campaign.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you incentivize other websites or entities to promote your products or services instead of the commission they will receive after the conversion or sale is complete.

You set the amount and terms of the commission, and if the offer is good, other websites related to your niche will allow you to run texts and create banners on their websites.

When a website visitor clicks a link to your website and purchases a product or service, the transaction will be recorded and you will owe the website owner a commission for the transaction.

Generating Leads Using Social Media

Companies all over the world use social media platforms to acquire new potential customers at a minimal cost. Strong social media influence, loyal followers and attractive audiences are some of the basic elements of social media marketing.


You can create a group on Facebook or become a member of an existing group in your target audience. For your own group, you can run paid ads or generate private content to attract new members to conversion. In order for it to really work, you need to post engaging content regularly to keep members interested and increase popularity.


Twitter is another platform that companies use to position themselves as subject matter experts in specific fields. You can use the platform to regularly publish valuable information and opinions, and interact with other opinion leaders in your domain to build your business.


LinkedIn is about professional connections and commitment. It is one of the best B2B lead generation platforms that can encourage professional-level interaction. For other social media channels, you need appropriate strategies to start seeing new potential customer conversions.

However, LinkedIn positions itself as a place to promote community involvement, make new connections and establish itself as subject matter experts. Here, the company has the opportunity to help others and make them aware of their own existence.

Instagram and Pinterest

If your field is highly dependent on the visual display of your work or ideas, then Instagram and Pinterest are ideal places for you to find new leads. These platforms are very popular with visitors. In fact, 1 billion users visit Instagram every month.

Publish the work you have done regularly, or use software to create a visual representation of your ideas to attract companies looking for trustworthy organizations with reliable records.


Advertising remarketing is a feature provided by Google AdWords that has generated tremendous growth in attracting and converting potential customers. With this feature, you can apply remarketing to your business to website visitors who have visited your website but have not converted.

When a visitor visits your website, a “cookie” (small code) is automatically placed on their browser, which can be used as an Internet tracking device. Whenever a visitor uses Google Adsense to open a website, it will show them your ad again, thus achieving remarketing. Repeated flashing of ads will unknowingly register your service or product in your brain, eventually transforming you.

Generating Leads via Email Marketing

If you are creative and focused, email marketing can become the main channel for generating leads. The success of email marketing campaigns largely depends on the target audience and how to keep them engaged. You need to make sure your email blast complies with all local regulations to avoid spam violations.

Send Cold Emails

Since the beginning of digitization, cold email has been used as an effective measure to generate new leads. However, not all emails are opened or converted. In fact, each conversion will have 100 or more deleted or unanswered emails. You need to get creative with subject lines and content to get a good response rate from cold email campaigns and avoid becoming a regular member of the spam folder.

Send Old Blog Posts To New Leads

Save valuable time reusing published content. Email the link to an existing blog or connect it to a newsletter that is sent to subscribers every week. If the blog contains valuable information and is interesting, you can also post paid ads on it. You can also send readers a link to a PDF file or e-book in an email. Before posting other people’s content on your website, reuse is a good idea as you can be penalized by copyright protection laws and duplicates will be considered by Google.

Compile a FAQ Email

For businesses, it is common to run out of ideas for blogs or email campaigns. However, there is a solution to this problem. By satisfying queries from existing customers while also providing answers to questions that may come upon potential customers’ minds, you can never go wrong.

Compile a list of frequently asked questions by studying emails received from customers and write emails with detailed answers to these questions. Not only will this result in sending useful content but also it will reduce the time it takes to resolve customer issues.


It is wise to be patient and maintain a continuous stream of clues. It takes time, perseverance, diligence, dedication, innovation, and, to some extent, luck to build motivation and achieve significant conversion rates.

Moreover, if you need help with effective lead generation strategies from professionals, you can reach out to us at Kings Digital.

We’ve got you covered with all that you need!