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Bridge Global

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We are a bunch of wonderful IT talents, who work together to consistently deliver top-notch software solutions.


We Provide the Best Technical Team That Delivers the Best Solutions!

Bridge Global is an international IT solutions provider headquartered in the Netherlands. We empower global enterprises with smart software solutions through Distributed Agile Teams. Our software professionals with sterling technical competency are guided and inspired by self-organizing principles.

The culture of accountability, progressive thinking, and proactive involvement make us excellent problem-solvers and innovators. Our clients are guaranteed to have superior, customized and future-proof software solutions.


Spot On, Zmarta, Provido Global, Kentz, Instoremedia, Ezy, CoffeeCircle, Woodwing, Novashops, Pacetracer, Syntomax, DOR-2-DOR, Health Plus Living


Highly Cross-Functional
Our teams are highly cross-functional as they consist of cross-skilled individuals. Formal and informal exchanges between departments and functions help us to have enhanced outlook and perception. This helps us to formulate innovative solutions.
Totally Agile
We strictly abide with the distributed Agile model of working formulated by our founder Hugo Messer, the renowned Dutch entrepreneur and Agile coach. Our Agile teams focus on short release cycles, faster development, frequent and timely delivery. We are proud to be a fully Agile entity with even the non-IT teams also working in the agile model.
Perfect Flexibility
Our teams are flexible and perfectly adapt to the client’s business needs. Clients can scale up or scale down the size of the team on-demand. We customize the team by adjusting team members, hiring new members, providing support from high-level architects, etc.
Flawless Collaboration
Our proven remote collaboration strategy helps us to have zero cultural and geographic barriers. Our progressive mindset, daily stand-ups with the onshore teammates, periodic offshore and onshore visits, etc. help us to nullify the cultural barriers. As we ensure a minimum of at least 5 hours’ time overlap between the teams, the geographical/time-zone break is taken care of well.
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Bridge Outsourcing B.V.
Evert van de Beekstraat 104
1118 CL, Schiphol
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 37 14 46 27
Monday – Friday, 09AM – 06PM

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[email protected]