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We work with businesses we believe in. But we know belief isn’t enough. That’s why we invest in our clients’ success through our own bottom line.



We are a flat organization. Minimizing individual ego and institutional hierarchy bolsters accountability and innovation across our company. Without ego engendering unnecessary protectionism and without hierarchy erecting unnecessary barriers, we are better able to channel our people’s passions and ideas into the brands and projects they care about, which ultimately benefits our team members, the work, our clients and their consumers.


Powered by Empathy
For a collaborative environment to produce meaningful results, it needs to move with common purpose toward a shared goal. Discipline is how we lay this path; empathy ensures that we don’t stray from it. Empathy fosters an earnest dedication to making life easier for clients, better for consumers, and happier for team members.

No ego
We are a flat organization where ideas are valid no matter where they originate. Minimizing ego and hierarchy encourages an atmosphere in which team members not only listen to ideas outside their immediate purview but take an active interest in implementing them, which benefits clients, consumers, and colleagues alike.

Skin In The Game
We work with businesses we believe in. But we know belief isn’t enough. That’s why we invest in our clients’ success through our own bottom line.

Incentive-based pricing provides our clients with the security of a results-driven marketing program while ensuring our team shares both risk and reward.

When we play as a team, we win as a team.

Supporting Working Parents
There are many smart, self-motivated people who are as invested in their children as they are in their career. So we don’t ask them to choose between the two. Team members with children are encouraged to work from home as much as they want.

Good Causes Deserve Great Campaigns
We are driven to create meaningful work for deserving clients. In an industry that often emphasizes profit before people, we take pride in working on behalf of nonprofits, NGOs, and foundations.

Our philosophy: Discipline creates certainty

The creative process, for all its subjectivity, should not be devoid of certainty. Our disciplined approach to creating work, with strategic thinking ingrained throughout our process, enables us to better ensure the one outcome that is not only profitable for our clients but meaningful for all: improving the lives of consumers.

How we live our philosophy

Below are the principles we live by every day so that our philosophy fulfills its promise.

EMPATHY: A consumer-centric approach is paramount. Our goal is to improve the lives of consumers. Success for any marketing strategy, creative idea, or brand depends on an adherence to this simple objective.

COLLABORATION: Strategy is not a department. In our organization, cross-functional teams work together from the very beginning. We see strategy as a philosophy—not a department—that is woven into the process.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Through stable measurement and reporting, we own our actions. Our work is guided not only through clear and consistent KPIs and benchmarks for success but by a deep and intrinsic respect for results, both for our clients and within our own team.

DILIGENCE: The quest for perfection is never-ending. Using new learnings, emerging insights, and data-driven knowledge, we consistently optimize the work—via customer-mapping and agile performance optimization—in pursuit of better results.

ADAPTABILITY: Change is a constant. We empower marketing departments and brand teams with market knowledge and change management expertise so as to better align processes with client needs.

Our process: Discipline as guide

It’s easy for creativity itself to fall victim to destructive muses: pride, avarice, myopia. Discipline is how we guide the creative process over the long-term, so the goals we set with our clients are the goals we meet for our clients.

How we execute our process:

Our process, Discipline 365, is a detailed annual mapping of our efforts. We begin with research to help us understand your consumers’ desires, and we pair that with a rigorous business audit to understand your needs. Armed with these two sets of understandings, we can measure the impact of content, make informed decisions supported by data, and create work that has a positive impact on the lives of consumers.

Year Founded

Addresses and Working Hours

Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Client List

  • Dow Jones
  • Samsung
  • Humane Society
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Burger Bistro
  • Greystone
  • Wrangler
  • Acclaro
  • TED


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