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Digital Skynet is a business process automation and custom software development company. We develop CRM, CMS, and ERP systems and complex IT products.


Digital Skynet is a custom software development company. We automate business processes and provide services in web, desktop, mobile and cross-platform development. We design and develop complex IT products for the B2B and B2C markets. We make routine and long-term business processes easier and more accessible.

We don’t just develop software, we strive to get an understanding of your industry to make your business more successful. We provide you with our expert knowledge and help you become the number one in your particular sphere. We adhere to the full-cycle development process. This means we will not only develop the software you need but also provide support for years to come. Projects we worked on have helped hundreds of thousands of users.


We’re based in Taganrog, Russia, but our reach and experience are global. While our primary market is the US, we work with companies around the world and in regardless of the time zone. Our international experience enables us to bring a more diverse, globalized perspective to our projects. When collaborating with remote teams, we often use the time zone differences to our advantage. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, there is always work being done. Our team understands the importance of effective communication. As a team of professionals, we need to make sure every employee is committed to that goal.

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Year Founded

Addresses and Working Hours

Petrovskaya, 51, Taganrog, Rostov Region 347900, RU

Client List

  • Delta Apparel
  • SourceOne
  • Veolia Energy
  • Cool Gazelle
  • Adobe
  • OyePlay
  • Mind Mingle
  • Market Music
  • Mikoyan Machinery


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They aren't just developers, they're genuinely invested in my project and offer their ideas on how to make it perfect.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 6, 2020

The app formed the foundation of the startup. Digital Skynet leverages their technical expertise and experience to create high-quality solutions that fit the needs of the client. The team is creative, hard-working, and knowledgeable.



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