Fandom Marketing

Agency name: Fandom Marketing
Agency HQ: 101 W Broadway, Suite 815 San Diego, CA 92101
Year of founding: 2010
Agency size: 11 - 25


Melonie is the CEO and Chief Social Strategist of Fandom Marketing. During her 16+ year career she has led digital strategy in top-tier agencies serving clients such as Sport Chalet, Qualcomm, NetApp, WD-40, and Bumble Bee Foods. She leads strategy for B2B and B2C brands to align with business objectives and integrate social media to the sales funnel, retail channel, corporate events and CRM. Melonie is a speaker, social media influencer, and publisher of providing expert advice to marketers.

Clients: Hero Contest, Sport Chalet, Bumble Bee

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6 Inspiring Instagram Video Ads

To create the best Instagram ads, marketers have to balance trying to grab the viewer’s attention so that they don’t scroll past while also trying to avoid overwhelming the viewer with catchy visuals.

Want to Get Noticed? Start Using Creative Social Media Strategies

Everyday, millions of people are connected via the web and rely heavily on social media channels for news, music, staying in touch with their family, and general entertainment. Social media isn’t just for play anymore. Lots of businesses and brands worldwide are strategizing marketing plans on their social channels in order to advertise and sell their products.

Understanding Your Customer Needs Through Social Media

Social media is generally known to be a tool of online communication that is used to easily share information and bring together people with similar ideas on the internet. But brands use them as a marketing tool. And their customers use social media to either appreciate the brand or most commonly, criticize it. Do you know this social media criticism is your way to reach customer needs?

SEO or PPC: Which is better?

If you’re not sure whether your business would benefit more from paid or organic search marketing efforts read on to find out more.

The Importance of Testimonials

Customer testimonials are powerful tools to building trust and credibility, as well as boldly increasing website conversions.

Net Neutrality – Part II – The Retrospective

Since the very beginning, the net neutrality discussion has been loud. In this article, you will find the timeline of some of the major events that have brought up the volume.

What Metrics to Measure to Prove the Impact of Your Personal Brand

The internet is full of information about measuring the success of a brand. You probably already know tons about using the right metrics, strategies and best practices to understand the impact of your business. But what about your personal brand? Can the same methods be applied?

How PR and SEO Benefit Each Other

The lines between SEO and PR are increasingly blurring as online and offline marketing becomes more and more integrated.

Net Neutrality – Part I – the Who and the What

Unless you have been living under a rock for last few weeks, you must have heard something about net neutrality. Let us first explain the basics.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Traditional social media encourages us to put our best selves out there because what we publish stays out there. But now there’s a new breed of content on the scene with a 24-hour life span that encourages sharing in a more authentic way.

Power Editor: Facebook’s Powerful Ad Editor

Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who want to create, edit and publish multiple ads at once and have precise control of their campaigns. It was designed to make bulk ad creation and editing simpler and more efficient.

Use of Virtual Reality in Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Its usage in the mainstream has started only a few years ago, but it didn't take long before marketers noticed it's potential.

Influencer Marketing – What Is It All About?

We all know the feeling of annoyance when a commercial comes on the TV. Most of us take our phones out and scroll through our social media feeds without realizing that a lot of posts are sponsored content.

Basic Guide to User Experience in E-commerce

Retail is a process of selling goods. In brick-and-mortar stores the overall shopping experience including store arrangement plans, polite sales people, and a warm atmosphere plays a great role in customer's decision to buy.

Virtual Reality has been here for a while now, are you thrilled or afraid?

Google is the go-to destination when you need to find something on the web. But while everyone's heard of the popular search engine, not many know how to use it.

Google Search Tips to Start Searching Smarter

Google is the go-to destination when you need to find something on the web. But while everyone's heard of the popular search engine, not many know how to use it.

Is the term ‘engagement’ meaningless?

When measuring the success of marketing activity, the term ‘engagement’ is often used as a metric. But what does it really mean?

10 Places to Find Great Content to Share

The internet is a vast sea of options, which one you choose is up to you. We hope these 10 places help you a little in your quest to become a content sharing monster.

Digital tools for at-home-CMs (in words you will understand)

If you are new to social media, then you might be lost in all of the tools that are supposed to help you get the job done. Here's a list of some free ones!

6 Books Every Digital Marketer Should Read This Summer

Looking for a perfect reading inspiration for the summer? Next time you're at the beach or by the pool, bring one of these marketing books reads with you!

Understanding the Origins and the Future of Digital Agencies

In the world with empowered consumers and ever-improving technology, it is not only about the expertise anymore, but rather we have put emphasis on people.

LEAP Summit 2017: Top 3 Keynote Presentations

With the usual work related things, last week, from 11-13 May, the TDA crew visited Leap Summit, a global 3-day conference held in Zagreb.

True Value of Agency Directories

True Value of Agency Directories | We thought that it would be useful to give agencies an opportunity to showcase their unique talents, in order to be interesting to their potential clients.

Social Media Analytics Trends in 2017

It is the end of 2017, which is the perfect time to check out the possible trends for the upcoming year. Here are some of the social media analytics trends.

5 amazing socially good inventions in 2016

This year has been great because lots of new inventions were made which really help people in need. We have named some of the best in the blog post.

4 Keywords that could Define your Digital Strategy in 2017

It is the end of 2016 and it's the time when marketers reflect on the past year's obstacles and issues and look ahead for the upcoming trends.

5 World Changing Innovations in 2016

Innovations are the drivers of improvement. Every year something new comes on a market and year 2016 is no exception of that. In the list, we will show you the most remarkable innovations which had a massive impact in this year.

How to create a Digital Strategy that works?

The digital marketing strategy includes series of actions that can help your business achieve online marketing goals. Learn about how to boost your results.

Who Does Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Right

The word-of-mouth concept has always existed, but it has moved online. Nielsen made a research regarding consumers' perception of online opinions coming from other consumers, and it seems that trust is rising year after year.

Trending in Mobile Advertising

Advertisers are focusing on mobile ads more than ever before. Partially, it is due to the fact that people tend to browse the Internet using smartphones.

5 Best Types of Video Content

With the increase of the number of people with Internet access, video content is becoming more relevant than ever before.

Perfect gift ideas for social media obsessive in your life

We pulled together some great gifts ideas that will make your social media friend smile all year round. Christmas season is fast approaching!

Airbnb ways to stay on the top using content marketing

E-mail campaigns are an essential part of the digital marketing strategies. But how to start, who to target and how to improve the campaign? Discover 4 steps to a successful email campaign!

Emotion-detection technology is becoming widely used

Emotion recognition is described as a process of identifying human emotion, usually based on facial expressions. Companies use it to improve their approach.

Facebook Messenger Bots: What are they and how to use them?

The idea was to mix Messenger with artificial intelligence, thus creating powerful bots that could potentially be used to order flowers, schedule meetings and even ask mathematical questions or play text games.

How to Market Your Indie Game

There are many more steps and ways to market your game, but make should the mentioned ones are somehow included and you might stand a bigger chance...

Popular Forums Web Designers Shouldn’t Miss

Forums are a great place to find out what’s new, what’s trendy and hot for today. Participating in forums discussions not only allow you to share your interest...

How Kworq Used the Most out of Top Digital Agency

We hope that Kworq’s urge to use the advantages of our free features will be a trigger for you to follow this example and make your presence in our directory...

6 Amazing Tools for Mobile App Development

Which words come to your mind when thinking "mobile apps"? My take would be something in terms of simplicity, accesibility and usefulness. And I think most of you....

Best sales practices for using Linkedin InMail

LinkedIn InMails give B2B sales and marketing professionals a great chance to speak directly to prospects, but it’s an opportunity you mustn’t abuse. With a thoughtful...

The best video ads in 2016 so far

Video is a powerful way for businesses to share their brand message. With its emotional pull, videos can truly make customers to like your brand and become very loyal...

Get inspired by these 3 great branding solutions

Branding goes beyond a logo and other graphic elements. It is the way consumers will perceive your brand. People tend to do business with companies they are familiar...

How to keep your Facebook content as engaging as you desire?

As there are many posts, there are also many Facebook pages from which your brand has to stand out. Some brands are born to be popular on Facebook because...

How can video ads bloom your brand on Facebook?

Today it is hard to stand out from numerous posts on people’s timelines. Therefore, you should grab the attention of your targeted audience in just the first 2-3 seconds while...

What are effective ways to use Instagram Stories for business?

Although there have been many controversies since the launch of Instagram Stories, it is becoming a very interactive and useful tool in sharing “behind the scene”...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why video is trending more than any other digital format?

Is it possible that you have never seen a cat video? How many times have you bought something just because of a „cute“ commercial? Are you one of...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Instagram Facts and Tips for Brands

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in history. In this blog post, you can read fascinating facts about Instagram and see an infographic with...

4 Steps to a successful Email Marketing Campaign

E-mail campaigns are an essential part of the digital marketing strategies. But how to start, who to target and how to improve the campaign? Discover 4 steps to a successful email campaign!

Innovative way to get new Snapchat followers

Snapchat is maybe still unknown territory for many brands, but there are a few of them that really know how to use the platform! Great example is Burger King...

Innovative way to get new Snapchat followers

Snapchat is maybe still unknown territory for many brands, but there are a few of them that really know how to use the platform! Great example is Burger King...