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Strategic public relations. At Pierce Mattie Communications, that’s the phrase we toss around when people ask about our point of difference. But strategy means different things to different people. To us, it means that we develop our campaigns to support your key business priorities.


Our approach is comprehensive, insightful and adaptive to your goals. Do you want to create deep consumer resonance? Drive retail partnerships? Break ground with a new target audience? We take a bespoke approach to meeting objectives and propelling the brand forward with persuasive relevance. And let’s face it. As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, message-inundated and more interconnected than ever, a cookie-cutter approach will not sway consumer psyche or drive response. We craft messaging that tells your brand story with authenticity, credibility and a dash of subtle tenacity to effectively reach print, online, social and direct-to-consumer media. Our clients are not just clients, but collaborative partners. And together we can harness the power of your brand to realise its full potential.


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