Reshift Media

Agency name: Reshift Media
Agency HQ: Suite 400 49 Spadina Ave. Toronto, Ontario
Year of founding: 2012
Agency size: 11 - 25
Owners: Steve Buros and Kirk Allen


Reshift Media Inc. is a digital marketing agency that works with companies worldwide to design and develop web/mobile sites, conceive and execute innovative social media approaches and implement leading-edge search engine strategies.

Our newly developed hyperlocal ad platform, Brand Amplifier integrates both Google and Facebook. To better manage advertising and ad creation for multi-location businesses the Brand Amplifier permits head office marketers and multi-location business owners to build and manage ads across locations on one platform. Create national campaigns - automatically customized and optimized for each of your local branches, optimize local budgets and grow leads and revenue with the Brand Amplifier

Clients: Dogtopia, M&M Food Market, Extreme Pita, UPS, Canadian Press

Links to agency social media channels:

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