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Search Authority is the result of two distinct, yet closely related skill sets coming together. While working on numerous client projects over the last 5 years Co-Founders Mike and Cody realized that some SEO clients weren’t getting the short-term results they wanted. There were also PPC clients that were feeling trapped in an ad buying cycle they couldn’t escape or else watch their leads drop off a cliff.

It became clear that in order to fully capitalize on all the techniques and methods available to them, combining services made the most sense. This complimentary approach is what sets Search Authority apart from the herd, we are hyper-focused on improving your rankings through organic SEO and PPC symbiotically.

We are not a volume based agency, we only select partners we feel are a good match, communicate often and deserve to dominate their area of practice in the areas they serve.


Mike G. Co-owner, SEO Expert.
Mike has been relentless in his pursuit of SEO knowledge. Constantly updating his approach to make sure it’s relevant to the customers needs and the current environment. “Good enough” will simply not suffice.

Cody O. Co-Owner, PPC Specialist.
Cody has been immersed in PPC platforms for over 10 years and has managed budgets of all sizes for clients in a variety of industries. A good balance of creative and analytical, Cody is often able to design effective campaigns that produce above-average results.

Client List

  • RBHF Legal Services


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