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We develop software with a high standard. We accept the complicated


SteelKiwi provides development services for the complete product development cycle: we can make a business analysis of the idea or business problem (at any stage) and offer the best solution. Our departments Web developers and mobile application can implement any technical idea into reality. The core of the web development is a Python / Django, combined with modern front-end solutions. The core of the development for iOS and Android are always ObjectiveC and Java, which are native and fast.


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Technologies we use for backend development:
Python, Django, Flask, Tornado, Twisted, REST, JSON
The frontend technology stack we use:
Angular.js, CoffeeScript, Less, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Less, SASS/SCSS, JQuery, Zepto, Underscore.js/Lodash, Twitter Bootstrap, RESTAngular, hello.js, Yeoman, Grunt, Backbone.js, RequireJS
Databases we like:
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Hostings we prefer:
Amazon Web Services, Digital Cloud, Heroku, GAE
Developing for Android we use::
AndEngine, libGDX, SQLite, REST, XML, JSON, Google Play In-app Billing, Google Cloud Messaging for Android, Facebook, ZXing, Google AdMob, Google Analytics, Google Geocoding, Flurry Analytics
An iOS tools are:
Most using Design Patterns: MVC(Model-View-Controller), Delegation, Target-action, Block-objects, Sandboxing, Singleton, Observer, Composite, Adapter, Decorator. Application testing tools: TestFlight, GHUnit, OCMock, OCUnit.
Most using frameworks: QuartzCore, CFNetwork, UIKit, CoreLocation, iAd, CoreGraphics, CoreMedia, AVFoundation, MapKit.
A lot of experience with:
Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, VK and other social APIs
Dropbox API, Google Drive API, Google Maps API

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Addresses and Working Hours

Ukraine, Mon- Fri 8 am-8 pm

Client List

  • Alias
  • CanTho


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