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Tuatara Colombia


Welcome to the Tuatara Experience.
We are Boutique Agency in Colombia working for the whole world.
Smooth, efficient, and achievable projects.


Welcome to the Tuatara Experience.
We are Boutique Agency in Colombia working for the whole world.
We have standardized all our process so we can work worldwide with a Smooth, efficient, and achievable projects.

We make digital transformation to Startups and companies which are looking forward to develop its business in a digital environment.
Our typical process include in this order:

1. Design: Brand creation, animation, Characters, UX / UI Design (Material Design)
2. Software: Digital Asset creation with BIG SEO fundaments we are capable of making:
– Web pages
– E-commerce
– Native software
– Web games
3. Marketing: Once we have a correct digital asset and a brand suitable for digital and offline communications we have to automatizate all the process, generate buyers journey, and define the Inbound strategy.

We are certified in:

– Hubspot Inbound Marketing
– Google Adwords
– Rd Station Partners


— International —
Hack Americas (Latam) – Design, creativity, execution. Latam campaign | Entrepreneur contest.
Next Trucking (USA) – Design Sprint (UX) | Web page | Transport industry
Call Patty (USA) – Design | Web page | Insurance industry
Plaza (USA) – Design, creativity | Education industry
Bulk Party (Singapore) – E-commerce industry
Dermalógica (Panamá) – E-commerce industry
Redbus Urbano (Chile)- Web page | Transport industry
Redvan (Chile) – Web page | Transport industry
Helitours (Malta) – E-commerce | Tourism industry
Startfleet (Spain) – Design | Web Page | Transport industry
Eventfeed (Germany) – Design | PWA | Tourism industry
Mind District (Netherlands) – Design | Psychology tech

— Colombia —
Bix – App transport industry
Pacific – Design | E-commerce | Inbound Marketing | Food/Ecommerce industry
Alianza Motor | Design | Web page | Inbound Marketing | Automotive industry
Bricks4us – Design | Web page | Inbound Marketing | Crypto industry
Handelbay – Design | Inbound Marketing
Bon habitat – Design | PWA | Real State industry
Newit – Design | Construction industry
Urbansa – Design | Construction industry
Cremhelado – Web game | Ice cream industry
University Javeriana – IOT App | Education industry
Colfuturo – Corporate video | animation |Education Loans industry
Kardex – Mapping experience | Logistics industry
Homecenter – Corporate video | Retail industry


Google Adwords
Inbound marketing Hubspot
Rd Station


We are humans. Tuataras, New Zealand Reptiles inspire us with its behavior to breathe what we call Mutualism, a way of living, managing and relating with clients that our company acquired. Its goal is to harvest long-term relations where transparency, trust, and communication ends in a win-win.

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Addresses and Working Hours

Bogotá, Colombia.
Coworking “el Nido”
8:00am – 7:00pm

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