An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – 10 Digital Health Apps We Love

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10 digital health apps making moves in the healthcare industry and paving the way for future players in the digital health space.

Thanks to your amazing reactions to our list of sustainable apps, we have decided to do the same with our favourite digital health products. Digital health has been a topic that we, as a design company, have been interested in from day one. We’ve had the opportunity to work with Berlin-based startups like LykonMimi Hearing and careship to challenge assumptions, iterate on ideas and build beautiful, user-centred interfaces. Being active in the digital health space, however, makes our standards a lot higher as users of these products ourselves. Here is our somewhat biased, personal list of favourites that we like for various reasons.


Living in Berlin, you can’t miss the Ada ads plastered over all the U-Bahn stations. Ada connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help all people actively manage their health. By asking a few simple, relevant questions, Ada compares the users’ answers to similar cases to help them find possible explanations for the symptoms they’re experiencing. Its minimalist design, intuitive interface and cool brand are some of the many reasons Ada has earned its place at the top of our list. We like them so much; we even had one of their Product Owners speak at the Health Edition of our monthly Product Crunch event.

Cara Care

Cara Care is another Berlin-based team working on a digital platform to help people with irritable bowel syndrome and gut problems. The company was founded in 2016, and it’s been exciting to watch them grow from the sidelines. The latest update is that soon, doctors in Germany will be able to prescribe Cara Care to their patients. Exciting times!


I’ve had a soft spot for Inne ever since I interviewed their founder, Eirini Rapti, an all-around superstar with a strong sense of design. Inne is a small, yes you guessed it, Berlin-based company, working on a revolutionary hormonal mini lab for women. Our favourite thing about this product is how design is infused through each step of the user journey, from the click of the saliva stick to the aesthetically pleasing screen design within the app. Definitely worth checking out!


Doctolib is one of the leading e-health companies, and they are slowly, but surely on a mission to revolutionise medical appointment booking. Their two-sided platform is for doctors and medical practitioners to manage all their appointments and for patients to book and access doctors near them. Anyone who lives in Germany knows what a hassle it can be to book appointments. Doctolib’s digital interfaces make it easy to not only find the kind of doctor you’re looking for but also let you do your book at a time that suits you best – usually of daily working hours.

TK App

Although it is not a “cool young startup”, we must say we are extremely impressed by the TK app! It is well-designed, easy to use, fulfils its purpose. If you’re up for it, they even have a fun little bonus program to get money back by submitting your receipts, gym membership, and my personal favourite: tracking your steps. I’ve been trying to find out who designed the app, if TK did it in-house with a digital team or if they worked with an agency – so if anyone reading this knows, please hit me up, I would love to talk about it.


Freeletics was founded in 2013 and is now one of the fastest-growing sports and lifestyle companies in the world! Their app is available in 10 languages and 175 countries, setting them up for international success. The app gives you a personalised training programme, that promises to deliver results – if you stick to it, of course. They have a pretty cool office in Munich, so if you’ve ever at the Goodpatch studio, make sure to add them to your list of places to visit.


Nia is probably the youngest of the list founded only last year. They are developing a platform for medical software in the field of dermatology, and their first product is a neurodermatitis app called Nia. Did you know that around 50% of neurodermatitis patients, more than 200 million worldwide, are children? This is why Nia offers additional support, not only to those affected but also especially parents of the affected children.


It is great to see many up-and-coming startups focusing on mental health. Selfapy is one of them, and they plan to revolutionise the mental health industry – in Germany and across the world. Their mission is to make professional, psychological care available to anyone at any time. In collaboration with university professors and psychotherapists, we have developed an online course to help people fight their depression.


The go-to for beautiful design and overall great experience is Headspace. Unfortunately, they are not based in Berlin; otherwise, we would have had them at a Product Crunch a long time ago. They make it to our list for being the most meticulously designed app with cute illustrations and great use of gamification to go through various levels. We have a “health budget” at Goodpatch for gym memberships, and many of our team use this for their headspace membership. We’d like to spread the love, so if you want to give it a try, here are 14 free days just for you.


Health at work is also a topic that is becoming more and more important, especially during current times. It makes sense, as that is where we tend to spend most of our day. Evermood helps companies to provide employee assistance by uniting all existing services in one platform. We’re not the only ones that believe in them, they also just got an investment from capital nine of 1.1 Million Euros. We’re looking forward to what they will get up to in the next few years.

There are so many other companies doing amazing things in the digital healthcare industry. If you have any favourites that we should include in our next write up, feel free to send us an email. If you want to discuss the future of health or how to improve the design of your own digital health product, feel to sign up for Product:Hour – a free design consultation session.