An Introduction to Narrative-Driven Product Development

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An introduction to narrative-driven product development.

As a custom software development company, over the years, Syndicode’s team of dedicated engineers has been accumulating expertise in building custom software products. Today we’re ready to share with you an introduction to Narrative-driven Product Development.

So, what is Narrative-driven Product Development? Narrative-driven Product Development aims first to figure out how to market a product before you build it.

Here’s how we use narrative-driven product development:

  • Identify the 10x differentiator. Research involves interviews, usability tests, and problem statement ranking exercises to identify the biggest points. Workshops to help see the future better.
  • Position the product to win the category. Re-focusing the marketing message on what someone can do with what we have. Define go-to-market strategy. Focus your team with goals, principals, guidelines.
  • Use the narrative as a North Star to design the product. With a compelling 10x differentiator and clear narrative, the brief for the design was next level. Prototype and test your product.

More importantly, with a clear and compelling narrative, your team will be well positioned to make effective decisions as you march closer to achieve your ultimate vision. Try that and read more here.

Let’s check and finally get software development roles explained! There are so many things to explore!