Augmented Reality Reaches a New Level in 2023

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Learn how large companies are taking augmented reality to its next stage.

As usual, during the first days of January, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas. From Thursday, January 5th to Sunday, January 8th, technological giants announced advances in various industrial and commercial technology branches, surprising attendees with innovations in immersive technologies.

This year’s show featured TCL Rayneo X2 glasses, a tool that seeks to extend the world by implementing digital tools. Integrations such as real-time navigation, automatic translation, and automatic translation were discussed. Rayneo X2 glasses have several uses in both industry and everyday life. They are equipped with laser scanning technology to visualize production processes for model design, testing, or demonstrations. Such glasses can help organizations save time and improve efficiency and productivity while facilitating product development, research, and testing.

Rayneo X2 Technical Specifications

  • Micro led display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip
  • 4k
  • 1512 PPI color quality.

Reality Glasses in the Industry

Augmented reality glasses are becoming an increasingly common tool in many industries. These glasses allow professionals to overlay digital information onto their physical environment, enhancing existing visual knowledge with additional data. Augmented reality projects have diverse applications in industry, such as product visualization, research, testing, guided tours, telecare, and even breaking the language barrier. In addition, augmented reality enables enhanced research capabilities by showing specialists real-time data from their environment, such as measurements, steps, or processes.

Augmented reality glasses are also used in factory tours to provide visitors with relevant data as they move through buildings or areas, boosting the quality of business interactions. Finally, augmented reality can also provide an impressive solution for communication between people who do not speak the same language by automatically translating camera-captured text and voice conversations.

Apple Glass and Professionals

On the other hand, the Copernicus-based technology giant has given the first details about its Apple Glass device, which will have two versions of the device, one intended for standard users and the other for developers and professionals. This strategy confirms Apple’s intention to revolutionize the world of reality, promising to be a watershed in terms of gadgets that allow immersive experiences.

The Main Advantages of Apple Glass

  • Larger field of vision, allowing a much more immersive experience
  • The version is intended for developers, which will accelerate the creation of new experiences and technologies related to virtual reality
  • Dedicated cameras to accurately capture eye movements
  • A dozen cameras will be able to monitor facial expressions, allowing a better analysis of the effects of virtual reality on human life

Uses of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Industry

Virtual and augmented reality transforms how companies interact in industrial and commercial environments. With these technologies, companies can conduct remote tours of industrial plants regardless of where the participants are located; this trend has advanced tremendously with the inclusion of virtual factories.

Face-to-face visits to industrial plants are also being boosted with augmented reality. Thanks to devices such as smartphones or Rayneo X2 glasses, visitors can complement their tours with the appearance of essential data that adds to the visual information.

In addition, these technologies can also be deployed for more practical purposes, such as increasing efficiency and productivity through their ability to foster close communication between project collaborators in different locations. Virtual reality and augmented reality have also been integrated into industrial design processes, enabling early product testing in the medical device, automotive, appliance, or aerospace sectors.

As a result, this has enabled companies of all sizes to adjust their supply chain networks better and identify costly bottlenecks that can affect production in advance.

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