B2B Manufacturing Client Closes 75% More Deals with Existing Sales Team

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Sales enablement helps Pack Leader USA close 75% more deals with their existing sales team.

Why Sales Enablement?

Have you ever been the victim of your own success? Perhaps you got something to work successfully, but then another thing broke down as a result? That’s where Pack Leader USA found themselves once their brand achieved marketing traction in the labeling equipment market. They had seen great results from our website redesign, digital marketing, and inbound marketing efforts–so much so that they were starting to have bottleneck challenges during the sales process due to an increasing volume of sales-ready leads.

As with most manufacturers, efficiency is always at the forefront of their mind. Pack Leader USA was founded on the concept of “keeping the line moving” for customers. With this in mind, they worked to shorten machine lead times for customers and strived to solve customer service questions quicker than their competitors. So when leads were getting lost in translation, and sales people were struggling to find lead information in notebooks or emails, management jumped into action. They asked TANK New Media to help sort out the disjointed handoff and process from marketing to sales. Pack Leader USA and our team decided it was best to get an effective CRM solution in place before the company began scaling up with additional salespeople. This allowed Pack Leader USA to grow better and keep the customer experience in mind along the way.

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